trading is not really gambling-----

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by hitman4gk, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. i am a trader-if i bou at 50 and it starts to srop to 57.90 and can't get back over 50,i just sell.if any trade goes the wrong way,i sell,no if ands or buts..also,stop losses gambling,can you take your money back in the middle of a horse race,a game of black jack if it is not going your way? or telling the dealer to only take 20 bucks rather than the full hundred you bet? no... trading offers you that can actually be worse than gambling if you don;t know what you are fact,i firmly believe you can lose more money trading than playing at a casino..also,casino's don't gove 4-1 or 10-1 margin. bottom line,trading is not gambling if you use it wisely and know what you are doing...if you gamble consistantly; your dead !!!
  2. i meant,if i bought at 50 and it drops to 49.90... sorry..