Trading is not about the money.. its about

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cooolweb, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. <h2>being right</h2>

    I'm in this game to
    1. call out trades,
    2. bet big money on it,
    3. argue with a bunch of people who's taking the other side.
    4. Then laugh in their faces when they are WRONG
    5. spend the money on nefarious and useless shit while the WRONGs cry in despair.
    <b> After all its not MY money buyin my 7th prez rolex its the WRONG's money.</b>

    The mini pleasures of life.

  2. 5. Pissing my panties.
  3. You been on message boards too long that you are idealizing it. Nothing wrong with that I suppose.
  4. Quote:
    Trading is not about the money.. its about

    you cooolweb, only about you, everything is only about you,
    you are the center of the universe.

    i wish i could be like you....

    maybe one day.....

    keep it real, gangsta