Trading is mostly about mental

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    be able to sit on good positions.
    To be able to achieve that goal:
    1) don't over leverage, if you amplify things too much, the noise will knock you out.
    2) learn some technical skills to entry the market, good entries should show profit immediately, that will keep off a lot of pressure, which in turn help to sit on positions.

    3) last but not least, don't think too much. In the end, money is all the same. Try to earn easy money instead of some acrobat transcations.
  2. Envision a piano. It doesn't have to be a Steinway.

    You can play a symphony on it...........or chop sticks.

    Truly a matter of which keys you hit with your fingers.

    You are your own worst enemy.

    The best trades are green almost immediately.

    When green, you ride it for all it's worth. That includes the expectation of headfakes and shakeouts.

    Once entered, your bias and perception changes from external to internal. Focus throughout should be on EXITS throughout.

    You exit with emotional detachment.

    Rinse and repeat.
  3. I think it is mostly about 'insider' trading