Trading is like Arm-Wrestling... Man Up!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Maverick1, Jan 7, 2018.

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  2. Trading is nothing like arm wrestling, and you definitely don't need to "Man Up"'s more like being a weirdo, loner, painter, recluse, sniper, philosopher, yoga person, bird lover, diver, PC gamer, etc etc

    If you like manly things join the military, watch football, watch gay sex with five boners in a room -- but don't do trading.

    I was just watching Seattle 4K videos on Youtube...I love Seattle, Washington.
    I think traders in general would do better in a cloudy environment, rather then a hot/sunny/bright one.
    Seattle has clouds, it's sleepy and dreamy, has snowy mountains, nature, a smart modern city and people, wonderful coastline, ...a city's collective environment and variables shapes and molds and helps you to keep an open or closed mind.

    I really enjoyed Singapore videos too. that's my favorite Asian country.
    Switzerland is my favorite European country.
    All of my favorite cities/countries starts with S, ironically.
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  3. d08


    I'll leave you with these 2 images, maybe these will help you figure out if you're right or wrong.

  5. I happen to lean more on your side Larry

    Although I think arm-wrestlers have more in common with the above than you think...
  6. I think the similarities between arm-wrestling and trading are:

    - Tremendous concentration
    - Relentless training
    - Grit!


    - best guys tend to be the honest ones
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    You might want to be a bit careful about exactly where you lean, given one of the comments in his post above ... [​IMG]

    I'm hoping you're right, since I can just about claim 8 (maybe even 9) out of the 10 parameters you list, there ... [​IMG]
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  8. we'z looking out for each other, thanks princess ;)
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  9. Look at how Brzenk changed his strategy to come back after losing the first bout to Larratt, reminds me of some of the thinking shared by alan crary here on ET

  10. "Trading is like Arm-Wrestling" sounds more like somebody is struggling with trading. In my opinion, a highly profitable trader got to visualize himself being discipline as a well-trained sniper with ongoing training to maintain accuracy skills, and forward-thinker like a chess master who always plan their next moves, calculating what they will do based on what their opponent (the market) does.
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