Trading is hard, very hard, damn hard

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  1. I just want to say that trading is very very very difficult, and it takes a long long time to do it right.

    I didn't believe that trading would take 5 years, now I believe it. I remember a poster said years ago to newbies who claimed trading was easy: Come back in 5 years and tell me what you think.

    That trader knows how hard learning how to trade is. I think the learning process is like hell. I have never been to hell, so I don't know how bad it is. But if someone asks me how bad hell is, I will tell him hell is like learning how to trade.

    ok, I feel better after I wrote those words.
  2. Redneck



    Very true Sir…. But keep pushing forward and it becomes very “not” so hard

    The way to get there – look within…. It’ll stay hard until you decide it’s time for it not to be Sir

    Just food for thought from a redneck

    Take care
  3. donnap


    But just when it seems to become not so hard, you get complacent and trading becomes difficult again. Then you learn to be not so complacent and treat as though it is really hard and then it becomes not so hard.:confused:
  4. Eight


    I feel better for reading those words too...

    about 120 days ago I gave myself 90 days to learn to screen trade. This after working on automation as a hobby for many years... I was up all night last night backtesting some idiotic thing I thought of, it was bs... so I got up this morning and started looking for the easiest possible, most certain setups that I had ever thought of... will I win any contests? Hardly.. make 3x range? not likely... worry about money, ever.... HELL NO... it was all worth it. all the effort... :)
  5. Redneck


    Hell now I'm gonna sound guru-ish….

    IMHO Sir

    Becoming complacent about trading is akin to becoming bold or brazen (egotistical) about it… otherwise why would you ever become complacent?

    I am humble with regard to trading– and to that end – one of the things I know is – I must always remain alert, skeptical, and cautious.
    (just comes with the territory)

    It’s part of a mindset I’ve described before as – thinking like, acting like, being – a trader

    I believe once a person gets fed up with a repetitive behavior, such as you’ve described…, or how trading is perceived, such as BP described – they change it (they decide enough is enough already) and work on their internal wiring.

    Or – They go do something else so they don’t have to face it (deal with it)

    However (assuming one chooses to work on it)

    Once a behavior or perception gets changed within a person – it becomes their SOP (standard operating procedure). Their way of being / a part of who they are…

    It becomes consistent, repetitive, and easy - (Trading in this case) - to that person

    Food for thought

    If, (based on this post), you think I am full of crap – then I am full of crap… However if you think I speak truthfully – then I am telling the truth

    I guarantee some folks will believe the first (I’m full of crap), and some will believe the second…. both are reading the same words – So, (and it’s a rhetorical question Sir);….

    What is the real difference that causing these two groups to perceive me (this post) differently?

    The real truth is I am just a dumbass trader who has no idea what the market will do tomorrow, nor do I care – I’ll just trade it and either lose or make money



  6. I remember feeling like i was some kind of mad jerk for even considering the possibilty of becomming a remotely successful trader. That was at the end of year two, maybe the beginning of year three. If i could say something to comfort anyone starting out in this game i would, but i can't.


  7. I think you guys are right not to sugarcoat it. If a guy is going to let the unvarnished facts deter him he could not possibly survive the reality.

    Might as well get off the train now.
  8. 432


    Trading is easy like golf is easy.
  9. In a decade you will start to figure things out. You need to go through several bull bear cycles.
  10. Odds are vastly against you.
    The more short term you trade, both the more odds against you, and the less predictable the market is.

    Maybe you have a chance trading very long term (at least several months).
    You must analyse how the macroeconomy is, and how the market has already discounted these fundamentals.
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