Trading is Gambling. You know it! Be honest

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  1. Yes

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  2. no, I am lieng to myself

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  1. Put it all on red babby...
  2. follow size and u wont be gamblin'.
  3. just ask martha. she was'nt gambling.

    trade with insider info :D
  4. I have not voted yet...persuade me :)
  5. Have you "not voted" yet? :)
  6. I don't believe in voting. I think the most informed amoungst us should make all the decisions. Just look at the US :eek:
  7. Those cowboy gamblers rule the markets!

    where is that Bruce Springsteen....

    I got a song for you...wait...i'll fetch it..

  8. Sing along everybody!

    I corrected the lyrics, the website this came from was way off! (in many
    The Dow is Down
    (Parody of I'm Goin' Down by Bruce Springsteen)

    I get a bear when I’m clickin’ my mouse
    But now I hate to see that ticker comin’ round
    I go to check the Dow and Nasdaq baby
    They’re dropping points Like Jenny Craig’s droppin' pounds..Well
    Say unemployment’s not on the rise
    But Cisco just laid off a thousand guys

    It’s going down down down down
    Dow Jones is down down down down
    Nasdaq is down down down down
    Everything's down down down down

    (horn solo playing)

    I used to have a nest egg baby
    But now my golden years are all in Dow...well
    I remember when the 90’s started
    My stocks would split each time the sun come out.. well
    I would day trade n' dabble in margin
    My portfolio was lookin’ stout...well
    I used to love that Alan Greenspan
    But lately everytime he speaks
    He's just a drivin' the

    Dow Jones down down
    It’s goin' down down down down
    It won't rebound bound bound bound
    it's stayin' down down down down

    the Dow is down down down down
    The Nasdaq's down down down down
    Greenspan’s a clown clown clown clown
    My stocks are down hey how about the deep down dow.

    My Dow is down down down down
    My stocks are down
    hey how about the deep down dow
    My money's down down down down
    The market’s down down down down

    fade...hey bop bop bop
  9. So that will produce a 100% result? never lose? never fail?

  10. I got a sneaking feeling she aint sitting in the jail cell feeling like a winner
    #10     Nov 19, 2006