Trading IS Gambling for nerds

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  1. is there anybody that disagrees? i've never thought of myself as a gambler. in fact i've always found it rather foolish. but i believe to think that trading is anything but is b/s. price action, chart patterns, setups are all just points of placing a bet. which i'm fine with... but it seems most people like to think of trading is it is some sort of science and not gambling. what do you think?
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    well there are guys that consistently lose money. so there should be a way to consistently make money, even if it is gambling, since it's a zero-sum game.

    when gambling in vegas, the casino consistently makes money
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    You're way off. A lot of pro's don't look at historical prices.

    Oh the other hand, if that's all you know (looking for patterns from price history) then like a newbie in any business, losing becomes your statistical eventuality.
  4. im talking about trading here.. if you're not looking at price history

    are you looking at price in the future?

    what are you talking about? Please explain..
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    trading isnt for everybody.
    trading isnt productive.
    you can make or lose money trading.
    trading is not easy money contrary to what a lot of people seem to express here.
    Lots of posers on trading boards who refuse to post screenshots of their trades cause they have no trading acct.
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    Every newbie should start with the believe trading is gambling and try to win the game and not the money. This way there would grow many more winners as it would eliminate the hope symptom. The game gets boring as soon you make money but still you would play because finally you will see the business in it.
    Let your kids enter and you just do the MM, hehehe:p
  7. sure if you are trading every random movement, of course its gambling
  8. If you want to see trading nerds then go to's message board. Those are nerds, price actioners in this board are lets say, old school.
  9. Tell those nerds to come beat me at my blog (RFT's financialtraders blog). RFT will leave them in the dust.
  10. Those nerds I speak of, I'm not prasing them. They use like 8 indicators on one chart and spend all their time looking for the grail combination and waste years of their career.
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