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  1. Does anyone else find trading so freaking easy that you're bored? I DO! Trading is so freaking easy once you get it right that I might quit for the simple reason I'm freaking bored doing it! :( Does anyone else have this prob?? Too Easy & Too B-O=R-I-N-G. Watch screen, Click this, click that, make $$$$ , ho hum {{YAWN}} I need more excitement than this, mental challenge or I will go crazy. :( I could train a freaking monkey to do this for god sakes:(
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    try drinking like the other thread suggests...might make thigns a bit more interesting
  3. not me :mad:

    p.s. maybe continue your journal if you're looking for something to do. :cool:
  4. You know FP, I really can see your point. I started looking at daytradng 6 mos ago to relieve the bordom of position trading. I have some good methods now, but the intrigue and true excitement for me comes from figuring out new methods. The trading part is somewhat boring after awhile.

    This is by no means a testament that I make gillions of dollars. Or never lose, and all that. But the same process day in and day out....
  5. i decided not to do it because noone seemed interested. i like a BIG ROOM when i perform :-D
  6. :/ 930 views in like 2 days
  7. Old Talmudic saying:

    A bottle with only a few coins in it makes a great deal of noise when you shake it.... but a bottle that's completely full makes almost no sound at all.
  8. yea, FPC, listen to him!
  9. never held much for old cliches myself
  10. you wanna make major cachigo gordon:D
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