Trading is for dumb people

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  1. I mean what about trading is s difficult? What do you need to understand trading, not much. The market either goes up, down or sideways and that you can see if you look at where the market is coming from. what about that is difficult. I do not understand the fuss about mathematical theories, waves and rest of bull.

    I think those trying to tell us that the failure rate is high are people who failed trying to complicate simple things. Uneducated people fare better at trading than those trying to tell us that you need this formula and this theory.

    The best things in life are simple, or maybe there is really nothing common about common sense.

    I am a microbiologist by career and trade as a hobby. I trade with only 2 indicators, RSI and MACD and nothing else. and what I do is very simple. It takes me 2 seconds to see if I can trade or not by just wacthing this 2 indicators. 2 seconds! I do not have bragging rights to this business, but I have been trading for 5 years now. Still using the same old technic. Nothing has changed. Recently I have discovered that it is also very easy to trade the news, with subscription to news service. Watching by people trying to fleece others, claiming they have the secret, I can do so and earn more money, because I win 8 out of 10 trades. But no need.

    Trading is simply and VERY easy.
  2. You should invest some of your profits in a grammar book.
  3. Getting a new alias every other day and starting stupid threads every day is dumb and wierd
  4. Guess you got it all figured out Africa.....:confused:
  5. Did you mean, elephants are dumb and you trade dumb elephants? You're a dumb elephant trader? :confused:
  6. If it's so easy, why do the majority of traders lose and close up shop?
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    I entirely agree with you that trading is very easy due to the fact that everyone can start to trade with a very short learning time, but handle its result is tough or consistently successful trading is very difficult to master.

    The lack of clarity in your statement is just confirming that Wall Street's reality is exactly the opposite of that statement. You deny to yourself or you must be working for Wall Street firms to come up with something like that... remember your role is to promote the trading to the public and sell your service.


  10. Hi Snoop,
    that is excatly what I am at. Everything has to have some perfectness. We look for the right word, the right order, complete with it's tenses. In the meantime what we wanted to achieve could have been done in simplicity
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