Trading is extremely rewarding, but do you really think its forever

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  1. Genije


    Gentlemen, I propose a ludicrous notion. I propose that Stock Market which is very dear to me and dear to my ex wife, will ultimately be closed.

    But first let me establish my credibility by saying that I follow trend that is my edge, now those of you who matter know that I am real thing. Let us continue.

    Stock Market will be closed, there won't be buying and selling of shares of anything. Let me repeat in different tone, it is not a matter of IF IT WILL CLOSE, its a question of when. Surely you don't believe that this way of living will last forever. Now that I forced you guys to use your head, let me ask you a question.

    Should a trader be worried that Market will disappear or change to the point where day trading won't be doable. Considering that change now takes 10 years not 100 years.

    Pls keep insults to yourself since I probably made more money than you :)

    Geez I just realized something, if I don't have the answer, no one else does either, but its too late to erase, let the question stand :confused:

  2. its like saying Las Vegas will close its casinoes..............

    i'll bet you 20 grand, that they wont...

  3. zdreg


    When Washington Shut Down Wall Street:
    The Great Financial Crisis of 1914 and the Origins of America's Monetary Supremacy
    William L. Silber
  4. to the OP

    and this is not an insult...

    you really need to check your tone, man!

    who cares if you are the real deal or not. all that matters is the subject you are proposing and i think it is rather immature.

    who would have the interest to close down a stock market???

    since you are absolutely sure this will happen, maybe you should be the first to argument, don't you think?
  5. Genije


    you make a good point that is somewhat camouflaged, Yes why would something that is so useful to those extraordinarily rich be ever closed.

    I believe the only soothing thing is that one can make a lot before it closes one day 200 years from now
  6. zdreg


    would you like to know where to wire the money?
  7. Genije


    Well for Christ's sake use your head man. Read a few books. Change is the only thing that is forever. I won't waste my time educating you, people pay for that you know.
  8. Speculation is only part of the market - the other is to hedge risk by having someone take the other side of the trade.

    As a simple example, that's how some airlines had offset the rise in fuel prices.

    So that's like saying there will be neither speculators nor risk at some point in the future.

    The sun going nova??
  9. Genije


    Thank you for your post, I realize it seems immature at first, but being a control freak so to speak (and which trader isn't) I wonder about continuity of my proverbial cash cow :D
  10. No insult Genije but you are a crank (with 7 posts). Capitalism will always require a free pricing mechanism for goods, services & assets. KISS.
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