trading is changing my view of the world

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  1. Ivano


    Is one month-ish I am trading as crazy, and this got extended to my personal life.
    I go to the supermarket and start to think to underappreciated products,
    I start to divide my tea bags in short term and long term consumption,
    not too name I see money and the economics in every transaction if I go to a retail store,
    in a work meeting instead to have strong opinions as before with colleagues, I follow the trend, and find a breakout point to say some divergent(reversed) opinion,
    but the most surprising thing was that I am developing a real cynic mentality,
    yesterday I met a really boring person on the street and was thinking I could go away scalping our conversation, and take advantage of his boring attitude collocating him in another context.

    I was not like that, is that normal?
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  2. hilmy83


    Congrats. You have schizophrenia. Go see a doctor
  3. ironchef


    Congratulations, you are becoming an elite trader. For the elite traders on ET, everything, every action, every day is a trade.

    Me? I haven't reach that stage yet, I am still a newbie. :(
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  4. HenryAvery


    As long as you don't divide dead bodies in short term and long term consumption it's all fine, mate.
  5. Nobert


    Imagine that your cognitive score is among 130 - 150 range.
    That would make you as someone, 7 - feet tall.
    (both individuals would fall into similar percentage of population)

    Now imagine that you're 7 feet tall, and you have to live perma in South Korea.
    (or any other nation, where average population is way lower in height, than you)

    Probably, you would hit your head quite often, in elevators, when walking between rooms etc.

    So whenever you're at chat with someone, who scores in 80 - 100 rqange, basically, you're hitting that head into those mental ceilings of another person.
    (and that's a freakin majority of population :caution:)

    And it's not, that your score is 30% - 50% higher, but that difference of mental capacity grows exponentially, every few points.
    (100 average people, couldn't come with an ideas/thoughts of Einstein, even if working together, in the same field)

    Punchline :
    Go get em iq tests. Maybe a hidden genius - who knows.

    Challenge :
    To keep that ego in check, if it comes to be true.

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Avatar

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  6. %%
    NOT sure being a genius helps, in trading.As they say in the city of Chicago; ''the smarter you are/ the longer it takes/LOL''...…………………………………………………………………………...
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  7. SanMiguel


    Long tea bags!!
  8. Ivano


    Would be the case IQ, I guess, should be calculated with Big O notation, the same used for algorithms because the relation between expected/result changes dramatically if a number increases.

    Anyway there is an assertion made by (at my advice) the only living genius that always states: "A simple change of perspective is worthy 80 IQ points", namely curious people eat smart ones for breakfast.

    Happy trading!
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  9. Nobert


    Absolutely true.

    It's fascinating, on what sort of ideas, theories & hypothesis people will dwell, when trying to find out the holy grail.
    All of those weirdo indicators they would develop.

    And then they would use, that combined product of human intelligence and dedication on some - garbage that has no earnings.

    ,,It had to work, everything was in place & in order. I have no idea why the price is falling.''

    Heard a story on real vision channel, how a man read over 3 000 books, related to trading/investing, and eventually - he was back to 200 MA.

    Just shared some insights, of potential reasons, for op being confused on what da hell is happening to him. Social anxiety etc. The reasoning for it.
  10. hafez50


    Lol My 87 yr old dad watching cnbc 5 hrs a day and when i bring up Amzn is first words are Bezo's is worth $130 billion. When you go to the grocery store and can tell someone which company makes every product .
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