Trading is Boring.... Good

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    okay, this is progress...... I am bored to death. This reminds me of when I have traded well.

    what do you do during the trading day to stay occupied?
    me... I read, listen to audio books, post and read on ET, do house work, etc...

    it is mucho trouble, when I am bored and do not do those things,,, it leads to stupid trades
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  2. tomorton


    Boring's a good sign, trading's a business, its not meant to be entertainment.

    I know what you mean though, I'm having difficulty raising motivation for the last couple of years. In the end I made myself a timetable. Remember like you had in school, told you what subject you'd have to go and learn about at what time? It doesn't need to be a great piece of work as long as you stick to the discipline, that's the key, not the hours spent on this or that or some other better thing, this will come in time.

    Start with meal/coffee breaks. Use a device with multiple alarms through the day so you can't get lunch before a certain time and it only lasts so long. Same with coffee breaks. Then insert the things you must do - your daily TA, position checks, news etc. Then insert some research and exercise periods.

    There will be also something you've committed to do but which you hate - programme it in but a few short periods only at first, make a start. On your mental task progress chart, a zero entry is never never acceptable.
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  3. zdreg


    once you have created a cookie cutter approach to trading your odds of success in your chosen profession increase astronomically,
  4. BigTommy


    If you want boring, you should formalize it into a mechanical system and automate it. Works for me.
  5. Honestly, this is why being a "full-time" trader is not always best. Maybe consider some side hustles. Further, let's be honest. Just being a trader isn't a really meaningful, impactful job in the grand scheme of things so consider additional ways you can make a positive impact on others.
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  6. zdreg


    if you understood Capitalism you would not have made a prima facie false remark.
    if you understood the purpose of markets in creating liquidity for investments you would not made your remark.
    The Left always rails against markets.
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  7. wrbtrader


    There's a thread here at the forum where some members specifically discuss how being a trader is meaningul, impactful job in the grand scheme of things.

    Simply, financial markets does in fact impact the world...good and bad. Money can literally create schools, feed the poor, bring water to communities that have no water and hundreds or thousands of other "meaningful" things.

    The question you may want to ask yourself...why have you not used your trading in a meaningful way...impacting your life or the life of someone else (someone you care about or someone you do not know) ???

  8. zdreg


    the only worthy part of your remark was the use of the phrase side hustle. did you mean e.g. trade in the morning and make loot. then make some married woman happy in the afternoon before her husband comes home?;);)
  9. Sounds like someone is a little sensitive.

    Seriously, I'm not against trading for a living but if you're not considering making an impact beyond trading, then you're living a pretty shallow life.

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    Living in florida has benefits, i go fish back of my house. MyFish3.jpeg
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