Trading is becoming routine.

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  1. All you do is short and make money. No bottom.
  2. Being a manic depressive l have really enjoyed the last 2 years, remember the Monolines at the start of this fiasco :D
  3. tradersboredom

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    this market is too dead to initiate any new short positions.

    markets don't go up straight up or straight dow in normal markets.

    the market in october and november 2008 in forex market was ABNORMAL market which you don't see in decades.

    it'll be too easy to make money trading.

    even stocks in pinksheets and OTC Bullentin stocks trade. so fundamentals don't matter in trading. even worthless stocks trade as long as there is a market.

  4. UP YOUR SIZE on your 'sure' bet i guarantee you won't be bored anymore you idiot :D