trading is at doubt for this week

Discussion in 'Trading' started by andrasnm, Sep 11, 2001.

  1. After pearl Harbor US markets dipped 4%.
    I am sad and angry for all directly involved.
    I have serious doubts about this week altogether.
  2. I really assume that this market beating will not be too bad. I was honestly upset that they closed island. I had sold some qqq's at 31.7, and had hoped to buy em back a half lower. I think that around there, is a safe level. I assume we don't trade til monday. The longer we wait, the less intense the selling will be. Had we kept the market open today, I really think we would have seen a 20% swoon.
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    Why would the sell off be a lot less the longer we wait? The quicker the markets re-open, the more faith people will have in the stability and integrity of the markets.

    Just keeping the markets closed and hoping the panic will go away is not the solution. This will only increase fear and speculation, which will in end lead to a real massive sell off when the markets re-open.

    From a fundamental standpoint, nothing much has changed in the companies in which people are invested. Most likely, people who are in it for the longer term will remain unaffected, except for the mild panic swing when the markets re-open.

    Also, if stocks are gonna tank, they'll do so on the foreign exchanges in Europe and Asia.
  4. praetorian2, i agree with you.. i scooped up a few hundred qqq's at 32.50 and was thinking about buying a few more when they were a dollar cheaper.. but then the market halted and all hell started to break loose as the two WTC towers collapsed and the pentagon was struck.. i doubt this will have a really lasting effect on the market unless we strike an arab country that controls alot of oil.. but, who knows.. maybe the ndx will gap down 300 points, it just doesnt seem likely to me..

  5. (even if limited) on Thursday. Nasdaq reported the will to reopen.
    Have not heard from the exchanges. Longer we stay closed
    worst it fees and looks in terms of public order and change in
    our way of life. I suspect however it may still be next Monday.
    Under FDR there were some laws that markets (financial institutions) can't be closed for more than three days.
    Hence the three day week-end as results of Federal holiday.
    God bless.
  6. I really regret my inability to buy american adr's on foreign exchanges. I saw that msft was down like 7+ and a few other "faves" were down 10-20% overseas. Those are ideal prices. I honestly think that my 33.25 buys will be wrong on qqq, but my 32.5 ones are gonna be flat. I'm upsed I booted my 31 and change qubes. Lets hope they open this thing soon, and that there are still people to trade it.....
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    I don't think New York Financial markets can re-open until Monday and maybe Friday at the earliest. The Chicago jockeys are going to have limited futures openings tomorrow. And the options are going to be open tomorrow. I think EVERYONE should have waited until Monday so the whole situation can be assessed with perhaps a little more stability. How would you like to go back into that neighborhood only two days later.