Trading is a VERY GOOD job

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    After hearing so many people said trading is immoral or useless, I must say trading is the best job in the world. For people from the lower classes in the society, it opens a door. A door to the fortune. In trading, you are rewarded entirely on your own performance. You don't need any connection. You don't need an ivy degree. You don't need to sell anything. You still need some capital. But in comparison to other businesses, it is much easier to break in. Without trading, most of us won't have any chance to become millionaires.
  2. golly gee that's great thanks for sharing
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    And besides - See signature below... :)

  4. I just gotta agree with the previous posters... trading rocks :D
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    I was a broker then market maker for many years. I dreamed of the day that I could go out on my own and actually make a living as a trader. I took the big leap in May of 1998 and have never looked back. There is no other job in the world as rewarding as extracting money from this awesome beast.
    I think the most important attribute to being a success in this business is you have to have a passion and be quick to recognize when a strategy that has been working for a long time, no longer works. In addition, if you wake up in the morning and you dread the start of a trading day, you are in the wrong business. I can not wait for each day to start and the weekends are very boring. Some might say that I do not have a life, and they are probably right but the satisfaction that I get from fighting with the beast is like a shot of dope to a drug addict. No company would ever pay the way this career pays, and I pray that something does not take me out of the game.:)
  6. hey dudes just be very thankful that it all 'works'" cause if it didn't many of you would have to actually work "real" meaningless jobs (OH GOD NO!):p

    thank your lucky stars this market aint totaly random (just a little) or you would be truly freeaked!:cool:
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    I can trade in my underwear,
    with uncombed hair.

    I can make money
    all by my lonesome with my trusty computer.
    I can do what I want, when I want
    ...but just not during market hours!

    No commuting.
    I can hang out with my honey all day.
    No boss I have to please.
    No corporate ladder to climb, no row to hoe.
    No office gossip either.

    No hands getting dirty or back getting sprained.
    And trading does not take more than half a brain.

    No customers to please,
    no bums to step over on the street.
    I can trade from a beach,
    a boat or under a coconut tree.

    As long as I have DSL
    I am connected enough for me.

    Damn, why did I not find this sooner!
    :D :D
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    And that would scare the hell out of me
  9. Trading is the extreme expression of freedom. I blew up once when i just started. I couldn't wait to get going again, the opportunities are endless. I protect my capital with a vengeance, with out it i loose my freedom (financial). What is trading, it's capitalism in it's truest form.


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    Those who said trading is a bad job are either

    1. lost lots of money in trading

    2. jealous other

    3. making money, so don't want other follow them
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