Trading is a fools game - you can't win

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  1. tenebre


    It's just another form of gambling were only the 1% who are extremely lucky (yes, lucky) don't end up with nothing in the end.

    You can backtest, papertrade, technical analysis your ass off, but at the end of the day your going around in circles. Everyone on the planet knows MACD, Stochastic, trendlines, moving averages, etc. They are all designed to give people false hope. They create the ILLUSION (like a magician) that you can make money when such and such goes below some number or crosses over, etc.

    You're all doomed. DOOMED!
  2. lexcorp


    Nooooooooooo!!!! :( :p
  3. cosmic


    your statement holds true for many approaching it not as a business....another view would be you can work for your 'luck' in this arena which I find pretty appealing.
  4. Just stay on your long positions, ride it out, you'll be fine. In the event the stock market retests its lows, it'll come back, eventually.
  5. u21c3f6


    "Trading is a fools game"

    Only if played by a fool.

  6. strongly consider suicide. may sound cold but the vote here is unanimous
  7. Damn, I guess then I should give back over a decade of day trading profits then, since it's all been an illusion :p

  8. CET


    So you can't trade, but you are here wasting your time. Who's the fool?
  9. FB123


    Sounds a lot like a troll... this can't be a serious discussion.

  10. Hey listen, shut the f*ck up ok. Let me guess, you've been comming on here and listening to this bunch of two bit gambling pikers, yeh? You moron, now you're all messed with these idiots inside your head waffling on about indicator systems and all the other TA crap.

    I move more in one trade than these geeks make in a year. You wanna know how to trade, give me a shout, or come on over to puretic.

    Get a life you loser!
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