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    I am selling my complete library of trading, technical analysis and investing books. All books were purchased new and are in good to excellent condition. There may be some highlighting and/or underlining - but only the good parts. :)

    My library consists of 56 books with most of the "bibles" of trading such as How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market, How to Trade in Stocks, Japanese Candlestick Techniques, Market Wizards, Pit Bull, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, Taylor Trading Technique, Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Trader Vic I & II, Trading for a Living, and Trading in the Zone.

    The current cost on Amazon to build this library would be approximately $1300 plus shipping.

    I don't have time to sell these books individually so am only interested in selling the entire library as a whole. You can "go long" this library - and keep yourself occupied for the next couple years - for the princely sum of $500 plus shipping.

    This is about the price people are paying for a single copy of the Tony Crabel book. Think of it as 56 for the price of one!

    I will want to get paid with a money order/cashier's check upfront to guarantee payment - hey, I know I'm good for it, but I'm not too sure about you. :D

    I will only ship within the continental U.S. Shipping will be whatever Mailbox Etc. charges from Denver to your house - probably about $50-60 since books weigh plenty. Probably another $5-10 for insurance.

    Since I am going to use the proceeds to invest in a couple of name-brand LCD monitors, I guess I would also consider a trade if you happen to have a couple Samsung SyncMaster 191T's sitting around gathering dust.

    Here's a list of titles in the library along with their current cost on Amazon (where a book is out-of-print, I have used the retail price on the cover):

    1. Bear Book - Survive and Profit in Ferocious Markets, John Rothchild, $17.47
    2. Beating the Street, Peter Lynch, $11.20
    3. Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online, Toni Turner, $11.17
    4. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, Philip Fisher, $13.97
    5. Day Trader's Course, Lewis Borsellino, $34.97
    6. Day Trader's Guide to Technical Analysis, Chris Lewis, $49.95
    7. Dumb Money, Joey Anuff, $23.95
    8. Electronic Day Trader, Marc Friedfertig, $11.87
    9. Electronic Day Trading Made Easy, Misha Sarkovich, $29.95
    10. Electronic Day Trading to Win, Bob Baird, $39.95
    11. Escape to the Futures, Leo Melamed, $27.95
    12. Exceptional Trading, Ruth Barrons Roosevelt, $39.95
    13. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, Mackay/DeVega, $19.95
    14. Futures Game, Teweles & Jones, $34.97
    15. Getting Started in Options, Michael Thomsett, $13.97
    16. Gorilla Game, Geoffrey Moore, $18.90
    17. Guide to the Markets, Investors Business Daily, $13.97
    18. How Charts Can Help You in the Stock Market, William Jiler, $16.95
    19. How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market, Nicolas Darvas, $10.36
    20. How to Make Money in Stocks, William O'Neil, $10.36
    21. How to Trade in Stocks, Jesse Livermore, $29.95
    22. Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham, $21.00
    23. Investing in IPO's, Tom Taulli, $24.95
    24. Japanese Candlestick Techniques, Steve Nison, $56.00
    25. Jesse Livermore - Worlds Greatest Stock Trader, Richard Smitten, $13.97
    26. Market Wizards, Jack Schwager, $11.90
    27. Master Swing Trader, Alan Farley, $38.50
    28. Momentum, Direction, and Divergence, William Blau, $38.50
    29. Motley Fool Investment Guide, David & Tom Gardner, $11.20
    30. New Market Wizards, Jack Schwager, $11.90
    31. One Up on Wall Street, Peter Lynch, $11.20
    32. Pit Bull, Martin Schwartz, $11.90
    33. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, Edwin Lefevre, $19.95
    34. Secrets of the Investment All-Stars, Kenneth Stern, $25.00
    35. Secrets of the Temple, William Greider, $13.30
    36. Security Analysis, Graham and Dodd, $35.00
    37. Starting Out in Futures Trading, Mark Powers, $17.47
    38. Taylor Trading Technique, George Douglass Taylor, $17.50
    39. Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Van Tharp, $20.97
    40. Trader Vic - Methods of a Wall Street Master, Victor Sperandeo, $16.07
    41. Trader Vic - Principles of Professional Speculation, Victor Sperandeo, $20.97
    42. Trader's Edge, Grant Noble, $24.47
    43. Trading Game, Ryan Jones, $38.50
    44. Trading for a Living, Alexander Elder, $49.00
    45. Trading in the Zone, Mark Douglas, $24.50
    46. Trading Systems and Methods, Perry Kaufman, $59.50
    47. Trillionaire Next Door, Andy Borowitz, $20.00
    48. 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success, William O'Neil, $8.76
    49. Viewpoints of a Commodity Trader, Roy Longstreet, $14.95
    50. Visual Investor, John Murphy, $35.00
    51., Andrew Klein, $20.00
    52. Warren Buffet, Andrew Kilpatrick, $24.00
    53. Wall Street - A History, Charles Geisst, $13.27
    54. Winner Take All, William Gallacher, $15.37
    55. Winning on Wall Street, Martin Zweig, $10.49
    56. Zebra in Lion Country, Ralph Wanger, $11.20

    If you are interested, please contact me through Elite Trader or at

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    $12 for Trading in the Zone
  3. So.. did u make any money outta THAT one???? :)

    "Dogs of the DOW - can't fail. Just look at the statistics...."