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    Taking nominations. This may get published someday:

    no particular order:

    1. Warren Buffett
    2. George Soros
    3. Jim Simons
    4. Bruce Kovner
    5. Prince Al-Waleed
    6. David Shaw
    7. Steven A. Cohen
    8. Paul Tudor Jones
    9. Edward Lampert
    10. Ken Griffen
    11. Israel Englander
    12. Peter Lynch
    13. Sir John Templeton
    14. Carl Ichan
    15. David Tepper
    16. Stanley Druckenmiller
    17. Michael Steinhardt
    18. Leon Cooperman
    19. Michael Milken
    20. Louis Bacon
    21. John Henry

    need more...

    Honorable mention:

    1. Ezra Merkin
    2. Stephan Feinberg
    3. Dan Loeb
    4. Tim Collins
    5. Tom Baldwin
    6. Jeff Vinik
    7. Louis Borsollino
    8. Jim Rogers
  2. Hillary Clinton- Cattle futures
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    Julian Robertson
    Jack Meyer
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    Anyone to add/subtract?
  5. John Merriweather(excluding LTCM implosion)
  6. Victor Niederhooffer (excluding couple of blow ups.)
  7. Is Prince Waleed really on the same list? He had billions in oil money dumped in his lap and had to put it somewhere so he spreads it all over the U.S. stock market and just sits. It is not like he created trading wealth like many of those other from nothing and built it up with great trading periods.
  8. Richard Dennis.. The man who took $400 into $220 million in 13 years.


    Paul Rotter

    Michael Milken- probably the best to ever live
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