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  1. not only has it been quantified, it can be taught and developed. dr. flavia cymbalista is on the forefront of this research. her website is read the articles posted on the site for a quick overview of what i am talking about.

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    I will, thanks
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    Chris ;

    Sounds like you got in a different trading ride;
    past several months have been sideways trend [range].

    Drove a Nissan this year & 4/5 on the floor transmission is gear grinding different from Ford 5 on the floor.

    Work hours & study & experience is certainly connected to intuition ;

    as certainly as gear grinding misses in that new [to me ] Nissan.

    Part of the uneeded fog is a lack of recorded clarity whether it happened several months ago or in Sept;
    that wouldnt bother me as much as drawdowns,because gear grinding is only part of monthly milage & annual milage plan .


    Course i dont remember the exact time of my gear grinding;
    but know
    in my knower work & study eventually helps with the
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  4. I use intuition extensively in other areas of expertise and am very comfortable with using it. I think about the problem at hand, let my mind go blank and the answer bubbles up. Sometimes this takes time and the right "blank" state of mind, but eventually the answer just pops up.

    The Zen-folk and new-agers make it sound like you're connected to a universal quantum consciousness whose benevolence graces you with special power over everyone simply because you know how to access it. (Very similar to praying to God for special privileges.) But over time I've detected patterns in my intuitive "answers" that point to patterns of very ingrained deep personal beliefs. It has become very obvious those "intuitions" are 100% learned patterns coming from me.

    It's how brains work. Over time memories are aggregated, synthesized, and generalized into what we call the subconscious. Our brains are association machines constantly comparing the current situation to all those memories in an attempt to extrapolate what will come next. Accessing those memories without your ego getting in the way is intuition.
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  5. Spelling is a big thing. I sometimes just type as to how it sounds and hope a that spell check would give me the correct spelling. I don't do spell checks on ET.

    I don't think you, as a Native American, are anal about my typing. Missing by two letters is normal for me with rarely used stuff.

    Seredipity has always played a part in my life. So you can imagine how my path has been very fortuitous vis a vis being in places that turned out well for me as time passed.
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    In my opinion, when I am sitting in front of my monitors there is far too much information to consciously process, 8 level twos, three quote boards, live market internals, 8 charts, and a live news feed - so it all goes in and my mind filters and applies the information behind the scenes and I come to a conclusion that is like a mental leap – I get a strong gut feeling about the market that is a function of the information coming in and being probabilistically bounced off of my past experience and knowledge – I find it to be very much like my days studying philosophy, I would be stuck on some difficult problem for hours, sometimes even days , when through some kind of abstract reasoning it becomes clear –I get my conclusion and work backwards to the original question –
    That’s how I see market intuition – a series of abstract reasoning derived from the grey scale spectrum of past experience and knowledge.
    The vast majority of my trades are based on intuition, or gut
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    I know what you mean if we're interpreting the word serendiptity the same way.

    I had some experiences as a very young child while living in New Mexico that set the seed, then spent some time as an adolescent in South America where I learned more of the same. The reality of my experiences didn't really hit me until I was in my early 40's when it began to take form, it was interesting I wasn't really looking but over time it all began to materialize. It's a journey.

    btw.. I'm not native american, only a small portion from my maternal grandmother but it was't a prevailing presense in our family.

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    Intuition is the mental equivalent of muscle memory.
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