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    intuition is important in my trading. intuition is my brain thinking for me without my involvement. i appreciate the help :D

    to me intuition is knowing what i need to do and experience is evaluating and executing that intuitive signal.

    take care and trade well!

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  2. A guy that I am working with (geriatric MD and psychiatrist) has been doing a lot of tapes for my partner and I.

    He works primarily, as his goal, to enhance alternative and wholistic medicine. He is a cherekee shawman as well and I do sweat lodge stuff with him as a ringer.

    He runs Dr. Weil's psychiatric team and the "engineering" studies team at UMC (UA) where they are advancing engineering thinking to solve meds problem "process" thinking.

    Specifically with me, we are working through intraday trading precepts. I am avoiding using a particular mental loop that is "conventionally used for problem solving based upon monitoring and analyzing data for decision making. This is all in the context of IB 0.7sec snapshots and the rep rates of Qcharts on cable feeds.

    The long conventional loop or "processing cycle" does have a high rep rate but by substituting another "loop" you get a higher rep rate and you operate on asubconscious foundation.

    If there ever were a word to describe the "feeling" it certainly is "intuition". I feel like I am a cucumber when I am on the "right" side of themarket. If I am not , having the feeling, I know to immediately peruse the monitoring sweeps to "find out why " the "hard" conventional way.

    So we have agreed that he will make 6 tapes along the line of relaxation tapes for the topics that we mutually deem to be an array that will surround the intraday trading problems I have been gleening from the screw up threads on ET.

    As background, long ago, we worked out with a third party (an immunologist) the pervasive degradation path followed mentally and psychologically vis a vis "repeated failure" and "shoot the messenger anger" stuff. There is no "fix" for that as they see it. Ari Kiev is suggesting relaxation and trading breaks as a "recovery mechanism".

    If you want to examine the sequences towards failure, collect the expressions used in ET. After you arrange a 100 or so carefully it is not difficult to get to provision "cut off" places for various ranges of remedial types of considrations.

    The original stochastics thread (192 pages over 6 months of continuous play by repeated failure victims and very angry "shoot the messenger" types) is a profound source for words.

    "intuition" comments are made by people who are allowing themselves to have very light levels of emotions at play (during a profitable day is a likely time) whereby they start to bypass the conventional loop and ease into the shortcut loop. It is important to try to debrief on how you are "set up" for "doing" intuition.

    Give particular thought to the fact that when you are engaging your subconscious, that you are in that excellent place that resembles the "Jimminy Cricket" of the Pinochio movie.

    Letting your conscience be you guide is a great idea. Your conscience is more derived from success and being upfront with yourself. Allowing it to "intuitively" replace a conventional loop where monitoring is coupled to emotion primarily is a good idea. You monitor a lot less (only go there where your intuition dictates "bad") and thus play down most all unexpected emotions from welling up to defeat you.

    Generating a set of hypnotic relaxation tapes for 6 major facets of trading to make money will probably be very helpful, we believe. I scrapped out most of my planned projects to relieve things. This stuff is just a fun thing that can be carried out with the people I am seeing as time goes by.
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  3. Hello:
    In my opinion, the subject of intuition is of limited use to the majority of ET members. What they should be trying to obtain first is competence. I have found that as my competence increases, my intuition about the markets has become more accurate. It does not work the other way around. Best Regards, Steve46
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    steve, i agree that intuition feeds off of experience. however, i am convinced that the two actually feed off each other. with that first intuitive impulse you make a decision. act or don't. that gives you an experience. that first experience helps feed that next intuitive impulse. and so on and so on.

    the main reason i feel intuition actually starts it off is that experience has to be based on a decision. no matter who you are, when you first start, i mean your first trade, you have no experience but you are using something to decide that first trade. you are following an intuition.

    i'm not at all trying to split hairs; i'm just clarifying my own position.

    as for usefulness to ET members, i suspect this topic will only be useful to those for whom it will be useful :). regardless, thanks for adding to the discussion.

    take care and trade well!

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  5. I agree, however, in regards to FEEL, some just have it, and some just don't. And seeing many new traders come and go, I find that the importance of market feel for discretionary traders is way underated.

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    Intuition comes from experience. I will write that one more time. Intuition comes from experience. Eventually your sub or un conscious becomes the sled dog.

    However there is a fine line between "guessing" and intuition. Guessing is a random function more akin to gambling while intuition is more of a feeling- something like 'I've seen this before, I know what is going to happen, I need to do this to profit'.

    Intuition comes with experience. Experience comes with time. Time comes with effort/work.

    Ask any career trader... they'll tell you they "know" a turn is coming, for no other reason than because they've seen it a million times before.

    There have been times when I’ve put on a trade for no other reason than I “knew” a reversal was coming. How did I “know”? Because I’ve seen the same trading pattern a million times before, in multiple markets on every time frame.
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  7. The danger for the newer trader is all this talk of "intuition" leads them to believe in some sort of innate gift or magic. A connection with some spiritual realm that suddenly tells them when to buy or sell.

    I just wanted to repeat what others have said: intuition is simply a build up of experience. It's seeing a chart pattern 500 times and while no conscious memory of those images exists, your subconscious recognizes how the current market is similar to all those images and fills in the rest of the chart ("seeing" it 40 points down or whatever). For some it's chart patterns, others it's sounds from the pit, or feelings in the pit of your stomach, or anything else that can be experienced.

    What Commisso is saying is that one's own emotions and desires interferes with that information (and sometimes masquerades as it).

    Just wanted to make that clear: No magic. Just lots of experience and being comfortable enough with yourself to listen (and willing to admit it's sometimes wrong).

    If only we'd sit idly by and wait for just those moments.
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  8. the intuitive process, as it relates to trading, has been quantified and studied for some time now. intuition is very real and several of the world's top money managers utilize different forms of it.

    believe it or not....

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    Sorry.. don't mean to be anal but as one who practices Native American shamanics.. it's Cherokee Shaman not cherekee shawman :)

    tell us about your sweat lodge stuff.. or did you see that on gunsmoke?

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    I still don't believe it has been quantified as scientifically as you suggest (isn't there another thread on this?) - but it could easily be you know plenty that I don't. More than likely in fact. I'd would love to know more, since I am a big believer in intuition.

    My intuition really gets going when I hover around a price with my mouse, and from time to time my finger just clicks, like it has a mind of it's own. And mostly, I am very grateful for it.

    Anyone else ever had that ?
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