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    The legend of Bagger Vance is a novel/rendition of The Bhagavad Gita adapted to the game of golf....

    and yes my morning ritual includes no less then a 1/2 hr. of Za-zen meditation... This helps me center myself and helps to train my mind to center in the PRESENT moment... Over the last year or two it has proved invaluable to my state of mind while trding

    PEACE and good trading,
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    I've generally come to the conclusion that trading intuition is like playing a sport. Consider a sport like basketball ... what are you relying on when you shoot the ball? Intuition. When you first start playing ball your intuition is poor and making shots is difficult. As you practice, however, you are developing your intuition or skills and you can make more shots. What makes a basketball player good is lots of practice. So it is with trading, as you trade more and more you will develop intuition about the market. The longer you stay trading the more likely you will develop successful intuition.
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  3. My level of intuitiveness increases dramatically with regular meditation. The Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync "Human Plus series cassette/cd's are very useful and inexpensive. They enable a combination of yoga/meditative breathing combined with a NLP like function command that can be invoked at any time after a one-time initial "programming" of your mind.

    Was introduced to these tapes at Mark Douglas weekend seminar in 1990. Mark provided "De-Hab" and "Think Fast" but also look at others offered in the "Human Plus" series many of which are very interesting.

    Music. Background classical music instantly kicks me into an Alpha brainwave state while awake at the screen and is beneficial for creating the carefree relaxed "zone-zen" state so conducive for triggering intuition. (Product Catalogue)
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    Glad to see a few more contributions. Since I started this thread a couple weeks ago, I was beginning to realize a few more of these impulses on a more consistent basis (reason for thread being I was wondering "where they went").

    After reading a book suggested and talking a bit more to others about it, I feel that this aided in the "re-emergence" of this state of trading. Entering trades before confirmations to see them moving as I had "felt" was rewarding me more in the past couple weeks. This is the evidence of what I was looking for. Just as I coulnd't "figure out where it went", I don't think I have an answer of "why it came back". But I feel if I need a causal relationship, reading that book and just discussing it on this thread and for a few in private, had something to do with it.

    Thanks again for contributions and feel free to keep the thread alive with some intraday intuitive experiences..I don't care if they are past tense..I enjoy hearing "I felt this about to happen and..." stories. Wins and losses welcome. Of course, if you feel talking about it ruins this state of trading, I understand if you refrain from throwing in a few of your own.

    All the best,

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  5. I saw Chris make a post today and for some reason this thread popped in my head, I just re-read it and there are some lovely contributions in her by Jem, Pabst, Rogue, Chris, etc...

    Just wanted to revive the thread...

    PEACE and good-trading,
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  6. Really like this thread - some good stuff here -

    I have nothing really of value to add.

    On some days, I feel in tune with the market and some days I don't. Sometimes, I can be so spot on with my call's and trades, that it's scary. However, this is most often not the case.

    The rest of the time, I just look to my TA - place an entry - a stop loss and a target - sometimes I get the bux - sometimes I get stopped out - sometimes I fall asleep in the chair and end up taking part of the day off. Other times, if I really feel out of sync, heck, I just take the whole day off and find something else to do.

    Market doesn't seem to mind if I'm in sync or

    I must say that I really like Rogue Trader's posts here on this thread - especially the 2cnd one.

    Rogue Trader hasn't posted often but I think I have printed the majority of his posts for my little favorites scrapbook. Looks like I'll be printing these as well. Tempted to print this entire thread.

    Many thanks to all of you that have contributed. Good work here ET members. :)

    Refreshing to see a thread with such good content. :)
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  7. I would be carefull about qualifying this as intuition. When you ride a bicycle is it by intuition ? Except if you have a broad definition of the term intuition you would say no: it is by reflex. And if you remember when you were learning how to ride a bicycle it was not obvious at all. And if you try to think step by step how you ride a bicycle you would probably fall from the seat !

    So I think rather of experience than intuition. Perhaps some has real intuition but if not proven one should rather consider the analogy above. And if one take this analogy, let's imagine that you are accustomed to ride a bicycle on a road and that if condition change like riding a bicyle in mountain your ability will not be the same. Applied to market, my model shows that he didn't change his structurial behavior, it is just that he is now committing his structure on an upper scale to which you have rarely encountered so that you are not in the same condition apparently - whereas for me nothing has changed but for others sure I agree that some of you must have some nightmare :D

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  8. I agree. And if you focus only on one market, it's more easy to get a "feeling" for the market.
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  9. never read this thread until today... but was about to type a similar reply to Pabst's.

    I concur. Often in the past when I couldn't get a "feel" and began to fret, it wasn't internal like brain cell death or "age" or a need for retreat to Sedona or NM. :p but because intuition wasn't triggered by external things. On a test.. do you really know what you know (or learned) until you're called upon to answer?! Hard to have a gut check/feel in a vaccum; and sideways trading/range-bound markets are a lot like that, to me.

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  10. just skimmed back over thread and didn't find anyone recommending many books, so will mention "Practical Intuition" by Laura Day.

    She has been an intuitive since birth, and believes we all under-utilize our inherent intuitive resources. Also believes men have the same potential in this arena as women, despite the adage of women's intuition"! It's just that women are typically more in touch with those emotions; although male traders may be further along the scale than some men in other professions.

    b.t.w. she also acts as an intuitive in connection with the financial markets.


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