Trading internationally...if the US crumbles

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by John47, Aug 3, 2008.

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    Seriously, anyone thought of this? Where would be a good place to trade if the US goes to such shit we want out.

    I like to be prepared for all circumstances. Wasn't it Buzzy Schwartz that kept gold bars in a safe in his apartment?
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    under such circumstances, your inability to trade will be the least of your problems.
  3. You got a good internet connection, you can trade. It comes as dialup, cable, phone company, and satellite.

    Doesn't matter if you are in Jamaica, USA, Australia, etc.

    trading and hoarding gold are two unrelated things.
  4. Get real muppet the world is not ending far from it but do you really think there would be much to trade if your chicken little scenario came true? Go build and stock yourself a bunker that should keep you busy for a bit
  5. What makes you think that rest of the world would come away unscathed if the U.S. fell apart?
  6. If the US Ie the dollar standard collapsed, the whole financial system would collapse. Trading would be worthless, unless you shorted everything as the collapse happened. But good luck getting your money out of your broker. Even buying solid gold coins would not really help as the inflation adjustment would go out the window.

    Maybe buying some farmland would be the only hedge. But to live on doomsday scenarios is pretty ridiculous. Just realize that there are too many countries interested in keeping the dollar standard going because of their dollar reserves, that this will not happen. Actually things may be at a turning point pretty soon.
  7. When the free market crumbles, the black market rises. Start spending some time in open air drug markets to learn the ropes. Chart by hand and try to strike up a conversation with a floor trader.
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  9. make sure you a member with a successful bunch of "gangbangers"...........much more important than your internet connection if we are at doomsday scenario..........
  10. If you think the world is about to end and there will be looting and riots then you should be less concerned with what markets to trade but rather be stocking up on shotguns, ammo, canned soups and warm blankets.

    And get a panic room installed with an independent power source.
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