Trading In Your Underwear

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  1. When one decides to cut loose the strings of regular life and immerse oneself in the daily minutia of mother market. Every minute of every day. One does come in closer contact to one's loved one. I used to own a clothing store so for security I was often around when my wife ran it, it kept me busy walking back and forth to the shop, we felt productive! We were workers of the most honorable type - shopkeepers. But after ten years the bitterness ran deep. If one more German had asked me which way to Washington Square Park without buying anything in my store... I might have just teared into them with my machete.

    Anyway what I'm getting at is at home I like to sit at the kitchen table in my underwear and trade.
    I'm not going to say I never went to one of those other sites for which sitting in one's underwear would be handy but really I'm up at six in the morning studding my ass off for the day... why get dressed? I've got my pipe at the table, it's all very civilized. And then the wife comes in and just treats me poorly. Slams dishes around, acts all pissed off> like I haven't done anything all day-- My Dear I saved your F*ing year not to mention your future with a few deft moves RESPECT MON! Ah but it's something about not shaving and being in the underwear. If I get dressed up will it ruin the reckless abandonment of it all? Will the flow not be there? Could I become psychologically inhibited? Could I turn a trade with a tie on I wonder... what could all, this "dressing up" lead to? Weird stuff- this working out of the home. I'm not sure I like it. But it sure is comfy!
    ~ stoney
  2. If you must dress up then do remember the old adage "Blue and green are rarely seen, except upon a fool".

    Also (and this is something of a non-sequitur) if you have a beard I suggest you avoid crumb-laden food such as toast.

  3. I'm like Sampson with his hair. My strengths come from wearing shoes, boots. I need to have my shoes on, obviously I have to put on my pants and socks also. Point being I feel very vunerable unless I'm wearing shoes.

    I'll get dressed in the am and she'll say where are you going. I say nowhere, but I'm ready to do business.
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    I got a big rip in 2 set so pajamas on Monday.. theyr'e still good tho..

    If I buy a 3rd pair, how would I know they won't rip like these 2 did.

    so might as well go with the ones that stretch enough already for my comfort.
  5. Ah yes, sitting & farting thru your underpants in the same chair, endlessly, combined with your pipe smoke, every day a flavorsome treat:eek:
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    that sounds familiar, but i couldn't find that quote on google. did you just make it up?

  7. It's an inside joke among genetic researchers re eye color, said the brown eyed handsome man. :D
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    Sometimes getting dressed up and looking professional has a psychological effect on the way you trade. If you feel fresh and clean and ready to do business you're more likely to treat your trading in a professional manner simply because you feel like you're in a more professional mood.

    I've noticed that when I get all comfortable when I trade I have to be careful not to get careless with what I'm doing. When I wake up and shower and get dressed, I feel more organized and ready to start the day off on a good foot. Doing something like this everyday instills a feeling of discipline in me which psychologically carries over into my trading.

    Maybe your wife is worried that you're getting careless with your trading and thinks you're losing your sense of professionalism. Personally, I would much rather be comfortable when I trade because I feel more free to do what I want. I just have to be careful not to become careless and messy with my business.
  9. aaah pearls of wisdom.
  10. i trade wearing shorts everyday, no shirts nothing. just a shower, some coffe n im ready to trade.
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