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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Datradr, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Datradr


    Does anyone know of firms that hire traders in Toronto that have any kind of salary to start, even if its really low?????

    I have over 1 year trading exeperience, and would like to start a trading career at a reputable company.. Most of these prop shops are unrealiable.

    Anyone have any info that can help me???? any company name would help...and any specifics u have regarding pay structure..

    Thanks in advance...

    P.S It
  2. I have the same problem. 90% of daytraders fail. Get a job on a desk if you take the CSC and get lucky, or just look for jobs in NYC. Toronto is a joke to me. I dont think any real trading goes on here. And for what does go on, good luck getting in there.
  3. landboy


    It's WAAAY too hard to break into T.O. and even when you do the money isn't as good as NY. I've talked to many a recruiter and maybe the second question they ask me is "what's your visa status?" Some understand what the TN status is, but others are kinda clueless. Are the states a calling Psytrade?
  4. definitely landboy. I already started applying via craigslist,, etc. Nothing yet though, I only started this month. I know the demand is definitely higher in NYC seeing how its the real financial capital of the equity world.

    Ive seen a total of 3 or 4 real trader jobs on in the past year. Most of them were posted for 3 months and it was paper push trading. Not my style. I see jobs everyday in the u.s. I could always get an H1B visa if I find an interested employer.
  5. plugger


    Ramp it up yourselves. Why do you need a firm?

    As for trading Canadian equities, there is lots of opportunities.
  6. canuck


    like the guys said, good jobs in TO are very rare. it's less stress, but lower pay the NY.

    either try to get to the US or start trading yourself. hell, maybe even try and go to London, lot's of jobs there as well
  7. landboy


    London doesn't have the NAFTA visa treaty so you'd have to rely more on the fact that you're a commonwealth citizen...

    I know a lot of people push the "trade your own money" kinda route a lot, but especially in my perspective, nothing beats OPM and suits/ties shouting on the trading floor, running billions of institutional money through the system, and being given THAT type of responsibility. I'm still a "career" minded person at heart, I guess that's why many people still look for a "real job" instead of using their own money at the prop shops
  8. landboy


    Workopolis and are garbage, all they have are INvstment Advisor positions at Edward Jones or one of the big-5. My cousin who works in NY has been trying to push her employer for an H1B to no avail... The only thing I got going for me is I work for a US company so at least recruiters have heard of me, imagine saying "I work for RBC"... "you work for RB what?"