Trading in the Zone??!

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  1. I have yet to read the book but from everything I've heard it's incredible. My question is this: is the book only applicable for daytrader or is it still great for swing traders?
  2. It's truly "incredible" but it never managed to turn a loser into a winner yet, neither swingers nor daytraders.
  3. That really wasn't my question at all
  4. it deals ( for the most part) with the mental aspect of trading it would fit any time frame, personally i thought mark's frist book the "discipled trader" was the better of the two.
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    You're absolutely right. The first book was far better.
  6. In a nutshell it tells you :

    Whether you deserve the riches you see on the market table.

    Based on whether you believe that

    "in order to make money trading the markets you don't need to know what is going to happen next."

    Simply said : You are not sucessful only because you tell yourself that you don't deserve to be successful.

    My, imho, suggestion to accomplishment would be to trade the markets like you would play the ultimate computer game with the spirit of a diehard gamer and the determination of a hacker hacking into you own mind and make it believe that you are immortal and deserve to hold all the aces, uh!, all the riches.
  7. read it..

    sucked imo

    offered nothing original that you didn't already know.

    The Disciplined Trader -- also sucked
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    I have read both and the disciplined trader helped me the most with my trading.
  9. It's applicable to any kind of trading.

    (Whether it's actually "incredible" or "great" is another question...)
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    I have the book for years tried many time to finish reading it but I can't. Now it for sale.
    My comment: A talking Kongfu master. Maybe good for the big boys but not for my day trading.
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