Trading in the US for 3 months on a B2 visa?

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    I will come in Chicago coming fall for 3 months. I am contemplating immigration and want to experience the city before going further. I will trade from my broker's office in the CBOT, along with meeting people, immigration lawyers and so on.

    Which visa do you think I need ? I won't look for a US based job but I will trade on a daily basis in their trading room and this is my job in France, I am registered as an individual. I will trade the Chicago exchanges with my account in the US.

    I called the US embassy and made it clear I would trade on a daily basis on my individual account, the guy told me a B2 business visa is enough. As a french, I have a visa waiver when it is less than 3 months.

    I just half trust what the guy told me. Has someone tried to trade for short period in the US as a professional paying taxes in an other country? I am just super scared of being busted at the customs :" You are a professional. You can't work in the US. Good bye, Sir".

    What do you think?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. pretty sure they give 8 month jail times for people who trade stocks on their b2 visa.
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    Even worse, futures = financial weapon of mass destruction and not through the internet, through a direct line from the CBOT building. Am I facing life sentence?:D
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  5. :D i was about to ask if you are not telling us the whole story
  6. "Persons admitted to the United States under a B-2 Tourist Visitor Visa are not allowed to work or receive any kind of payment while staying in the United..."

    i would not risk it...
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    Yes, I suffer ADD, ABD, MDMA, Asperger, Amsterdammer and Amsterdam Navigator, so I take D-phenilalanine, oestrogen, betacaroten and active bifidus every day...Does it belong in this forum now?

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    Sorry, I made an error. B1 Business visa :
    Same kind of treatment than B2 tourist( no visa for me ).

  9. Risk what? He said he won't be employed. Is he paying social security taxes? Then he's not employed. Whatever he'll be doing in Chicago, he can do from anywhere else.
  10. If you had a B1B2 visa you would have had to provide a letter of comfort ...your sponsor saying they will be rsponsible for any debts inccurred...

    If you start travelling backwards and forwards alway use a hotel name for lodging...NEVER a friends house..even if that is your intention...otherwise you send up a red flag...


    P.S yes B2 is enough for what you intend to do..
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