Trading in the afternoon?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Renegen, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. What's your suggestions for instruments to trade while also working full time once I graduate? I don't want to swing trade, you need a big account but to day trading and scalp. My best idea right now is trading the mini-Nikkei in the afternoon but only IB offers it, I don't like IB too much.
  2. Sounds like you just want trading to be a part-time gig if that as in a few hours a day.

    However, if you are planning on trading while at another job (sneaking in trades when you should be doing what your employer hired you to do)...

    I strongly recommend you don't.

    With that said, is there a reason why you don't disclose the city you live in, time zone or your soon-to-be work schedule so someone can make recommendations about trading instruments. :confused:

    Yet, you did mention a futures trading instrument from Asia to imply those are the types of trading instruments that fits into your schedule...

    Try the Hang Seng Futures.

  3. Oh no not hiding any information. I assumed I would get some answers corresponding to my time frame that's it.

    I'm EST, Toronto actually. I would work the 9-5 fare most likely. So I would get home at say 6:30 and I would trade from 7 to 9, then have dinner and again trade from 10:30 to maybe 12:00 or a bit after following the japanese markets.

    Another options is waking up early to trade the european markets, but I don't know which indice is best and relatively cheap.

    So any other good markets to day trade for someone in the EST time-zone and working full time? Mention the broker providing it too.