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  1. jamstock


    I'm a forex trader based in Bangkok. I'm potentially looking for prop firm opportunities in Thailand, or just to meet other traders who live here.

    Here are some of my trading ideas on tradingview
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  2. Lukas V

    Lukas V

    Not so sure about Bangkok, but there are certainly trading "communities" (of US and European traders) further north in Chiang Mai.
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  3. carrer


    Which part of southern Thailand? Are you a Thai?

    If it's somewhere around Yala or Pattani, then I think it's not a good idea to meet up.
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  4. _eug_


    Im in Chiang Mai

    Would be cool to talk to other traders here thats for sure but it seems most people that I meet are in the crypto space.
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  5. carrer


    Are you an expat or a Thai?
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  6. _eug_


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  7. Hi James

    Looked at your interesting posts. Thx

    Do you trade for real money? And/or

    trading for a nice living, perhaps?

    With all due respect.

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  8. Hi eug

    no crypto here LOL
  9. Don't be silly ! LOL

    It is perfectly safe and sound around here.... LOL

    As far as today is concerned.... LOL

    Think of it logically and realistically,
    there are more people killed and mutilated
    by auto and motorcycle accidents than
    by occasional blast (if other similar words
    are used, red flags would go up, in the
    interior ministry offices).

    It is safe practically 99% of the time,
    how about your area, is it about 99% safe also? LOL

    ET 4 carrer TH 2018-09-24.png
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