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  1. Sorry for late reply, but since now is peak season i
    had to reconfirm with them about the rates.

    20$-22$ per day is, if you can stay for a monthe, and
    $30 per day if you can stay for a week, just to clear any
    misunderstanding. Btw this is cheapest rate i know of.

    I know other places which are little more, like 5-10$ extra
    per day, But much better interior decoration

    These are very special rate that i know of. Since some of
    them are co-operate rate that i am getting trough a signed
    company, so there isn't any point of giving out the website
    Address is this forum. For those who are intersted PM me,
    and tell me when you want to go, and i try to get you that
    rate. once you get them, next time you can check in directly
    yourself with same rate.
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  2. I don't know about the people in general, I think that's overblown, but I do know that the males there DO NOT like white guys dating their women. I have several friends who've taught Engilsh there (I also taught ESL awhile), and to a man, they would not go into a bar with their gal for fear of getting pummelled. More than one of them actually was attacked for this, and no other reason. So if ya go, just don't date a local gal.

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  3. Then I think Korea has to import Erectile Dysfunctional American
    English teachers :D If they need them to be just teachers
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    Living in Thailand sure is appealing, but you'd better know what the cons are, here a little example from a weblog of an expat who 's been living in Thailand for 5 years

    basically, forget about residence permit, owning a business, even if you marry a local and have children, the gov. can always refuse to give you a new visa, well maybe it's a place to spend 6 months or a year . Not my type of "sleep well at night" place to live .
    As always you get what you pay for....... just my opinion.
    A good friend of mine who had been to Thailand a few times decided to come to Bangkok for a period of time in an effort to help him decide whether he wanted to stay here semi permanently or not. In the end he decided against it and these words of his describe how he reached that decision:

    One of the most important factors was that I felt like a second class citizen in Thailand. I would never be able to own my own land, never have the right to vote and maybe even never be able to become a Thai citizen. This was not important at first, but it started to bog me later. I found it way too risky to build my future in a country where I am basically at the mercy of the Thai Government, and with the change in power, I was not so sure things would go my way. People with no tangible prospects should really consider if they want to have their possessions, a wife and a family in a land where they have a very uncertain future. I mean, what would you do if you own a condo, have a wife and kids and you go to the immigration office and you get told to leave the country within 10 days, that your visa will not be extended? People should consider if they want to (and can) put up with this. I heard stories about people who always got nervous when their visa was about to expire and had to do a visa run again. Work permits do not come with a guarantee, either.
    Chris Spekreijse, The Netherlands, 2001.
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  5. well, this expat is a newzealander who owns the website He is a english teacher getting
    paid 30,000 bhat/ monthe, and he loves the place.

    The other poster "Chris Spekreijse" is a "big time loser"
    who simply can't fit into Thai culture or may be any foreign society.

    The real probelm in thailand is finding a job, first priority goes
    to thai people, otherwise millions of farangs dreaming of working
    in thailand, who gives a shit about getting thai passport, owning
    a land, and other type of securities..........Thailand is a place to
    live good life, not a place to give you protections

    residence permit, owning a business, even if you marry a
    local and have children is easily done, with little investment
    where you have to invest several times that money to get
    those benifit in other western countries.,
    Btw thailand will never refuse your visa unless you have
    acted like an as...
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    Well what can I say?
    I've been to LOS (land of smile) just 3 months, so my opinion surely is not of any significance.
    Anyway when I travel , I like to read anything I can find about the country I want to visit.
    And we all know , nowadays the best resource for this type of readings is the web. (screw lonely planet guide!).

    probably, most of the people who write their impression on their staying or even the real expats, tend to highlight the problems they find in their new home.

    Said that, I think it's always a good idea to have a look at what other people say of their experience (hey after all that's why forums like ET are so successful )

    Just one advice, if you are not a very disciplined person, avoid at any cost the bar girls, addiction is very easy, and they can drive you crazy in less time you can imagine.
    They are not like western prostitutes, they are so good you think they really like you or even love you, sadly most of them 've been raised in this business, and they know very well, how to make money out of a farang. Remember it's just a business and whatever they say to you, they are screwing others 2000 people and sayng them the same sad story ( mama needs little brother is so sick..., dad is broken...bla bla bla).
    Jesus Christ they actually have dozen of men from all over the world who send them money on a monthly basis, and these fool think they are the only one :D :D :D .
    Just take a look at the internet cafes , there are people ( many expats too) who works there just to translate and write for these girls, who have dozen and dozen of email addresses :eek:

    Anyway the country is absolutely spectacular and actually thai people are very friendly, but you'll be always a stranger, and I don't mean like an American in Europe or vice versa.
    their background is miles away from us that it's refreshing at the beginning, but I'm sure in the long run, it can be a problem for some people.
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  7. I just returned from a 1-month visit to Thailand and spent time in both Bangkok and Phuket. Quite simply, I fell in love with many aspects of the country and am planning on spending several months there on my next visit later this year. As such, I hope that some members on this thread may be able to provide me with advice.

    I prefer Phuket to BKK, but it seemed that technology was further behind in Phuket. My DSL connection in Internet cafes kept getting dropped in Phuket, but did not have that problem in BKK. My question is this: If I rented a condo in Phuket, can I get reliable DSL connection? Any suggestions on websites to search for Phuket condo?

    I would also be very interested in PMing any traders who live in Phuket and may want to meet.


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    I suggest you to research on google , with "expat Thailand forum", I'm sure you''ll find more than 1 forum, with people currently living there.

    That's what i did to find first hand info about Dominican Republic, my next 6-12 months trip ( :cool: :D
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  9. Thanks, Mark. Have already done that and been lurking on a few boards. Just thought this may be a good forum since there are actually traders here that can relate to what I am looking for.

    have fun in the DR!


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    well, introduce yourself to the forums, I found 1 daytrader in Santo Domingo, and he gave me all the info I needed (dsl availability, power outage, inverters , safe areas to rent ,etc)
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