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  1. sktrader


    Anyone have experience actively trading the US markets from South Korea? How is the internet connection from there?

    It seems from some posts that Japan has no problems with connectivity and any severe lag time. I was wondering if South Korea is similar to Japan in this aspect.
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  2. complex


    i believe south korea has the highest penetration of broadband access in the world. they televise video game competions on tv! i don't imagine you would have trouble finding cheap, fast, reliable access anywhere in s. korea.

    never been there, but i read a lot of articles and work in the broadband/information technology field.

    south korea is 14 hours ahead of eastern standard.
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  3. traderob


    I live in Japan and connections and speed are fine. Korea is said to be as good or even better. But Thailand is behind.
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  4. Why South korea? The government is not anti-American,
    but people hate Americans.

    Secondly cost of living is also high. Then Japan/Hongkong
    /singapore can be better alternative for you, and much
    more westners live at thoses places than S.korea.

    Third, weather can get extreemly cold during winters. I
    don't think you like to be indoor most times.

    Btw S. korea doesn't have land border with other Major
    south East countries, so you can travel other places on
    weekends when you are bored
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  5. I mentioned this before in a different thread.

    I was in Thailand recently. In Bangkok, I used the hotel's internet service to check my email. It was adequate, but slow. In Phuket I could not get on the web at all before I gave up and asked for a refund for my 15 minutes.

    But out of curiosity, I tried an ATM machine (also in Phuket). I was able to make a cash withdrawal as quickly as if I were around the corner from my Florida bank. So obviously there is a way to get a very fast connection if you are willing to pay.

    No idea what it would cost. In Bangkok I saw some advertisements for DSL service for about $75 a month (which is more than in the US, but not enough to be a factor for trading).


    PS: When I got my bank statement, I found out I would have been better off using the ATM all the time in Thailand to get cash. The exchange rate was significantly better than anything I saw posted in Thailand.
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  6. okwon


    This is not true. There is a small minority group that is anti-American, but the majority of the people do not hate Americans. It's just that the anti-American groups have held a lot of demonstrations and public rallies in the past couple of years, mainly due to incidents caused by the US military personnel there. Running over kids walking home from school with tanks, although accidental, and not allowing a local investigation into the cause, tends to piss people off.

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  7. I remember 1988 since i visited Seoul until now have been
    small anti-american protests for diffenret reasons.
    I am not saying that every korean dislike americans, but they
    don't love americans also.
    It's more like Saudi Arabia were you have about 45,000
    American living there, and i can say very few love americans
    and because law will always protect them unconditionaly,
    and government is the closest American ally in middle east

    Do you want to be somewhere, that law will protect you,
    or because majority people love you?
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  8. DSL is more expensive than US because of less
    No. of users in thailand. Thai people don't spend
    much time at home or with PCs:D

    Prices for DSL varies depand on the speed, you
    pay more, and get faster connections, they also
    have cable internet that comes from UBC provider:

    I know tens of 3 to 4stars daily serviced apartment
    with in-room DSL with speed of 1MBPS for 60$/monthe.
    You can stay for a week for a daily rate of 30$/day.
    Monthly will cost you 20$ a day for the room.

    I have been trading full time in thailand for 3 monthes
    and been using Xoomtrade brokerage direx platinum
    platform which requires DSL connection to avoid drop

    I never had any connection problem. Believe me the
    speed was even faster than my home DSL in Dubai
    where is my first home.

    I read somewhere i guess Roberk were using Dial up
    connection and not DSL, so i am giving you first-hand
    experiance for Active trading from Bangkok.
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  9. copa8


    more corrupt than Zimbadwe?:D
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  10. copa8


    i've been searching for exactly these types of serviced apartments with in-room internet. but, so far, the ones i've found were costly - up to 2000-2500 bht per day. can you give me the names (web links, if possible) of these $20 per day apartments?

    thanks in advance.
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