Trading in Thailand

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  1. You have to allocate $1,000 per month for a living expenses. including visas. Check with Thai embassy what is required for your particular situation.
    I go there for r&r and know country reasonably well but if you want basic western standard and high speed internet you will not be able to do it below $ 1,000 per month ( no car )
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  2. Can we trade there? Better/cheaper than Thailand?
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  3. Pappermint, You almost scared everyone with those pricing.
    Let me alter those for better:

    Dinner buffet at JW Marriot for two- $45
    Top Seafood dinner at Rachada for two- $45
    Condo on the Beach- $500/monthe much cheaper if pattaya
    world class golf- I have no idea
    2 hour Taxi ride- $20
    2 hour massage- $4 in thai nigbourhood by ladies
    2 hour massage- $6 in farang ghetto by ladies
    Health care- Adavnce HIV test 11$, Eye test 12$
    Police hospital- FREE treatment for public :)
    Full time maid in bangkok city-$75/month much less other cities
    Starbucks Caramel machaito- $1
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    Cambodia is nice but maybe a bit boring for a long stay. A bit cheaper then Thailand but not as many amenities.
    I stayed at some hotel where they had a spa attached. They had steam rooms , sauna, spas, fluffy towels, a movie lounge etc (where girls massage your feet while you watch the movie)., drinks, all inclusive (not including hotel) about $14.
    Good french cafes and food too. But I speak some thai and no Cambodian so inconvenient for me.
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  5. What kind of services does the maid offer?
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  6. First tell me what kind of Snake tail is that, that can harm one?
    I had this question in my mind since i first saw your post on ET
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    how about the internet connection in thailand ? do they have good dsl or cable service ? and,also can you use x trader or j-trader there?
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    Here is an excellent 'first hand' travel/working/blog site with a lot of information about someone working in Bangkok.

    Plenty of pictures and links. Some information on the interent.

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  10. I was just over there two weeks ago for about 12 days. Flew into Bangkok, then flew to Chaing Mai (cruzzed around on elephants, saw monkey show, and snake show), then from there went to Phuket. The beaches at Phuket were narly. Very similar to the beaches in Fiji. It was very cheap at most of the places I was at. It's amazing out there. The people were sooooo nice everywhere. You'll never see that in good old Cali.

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