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  1. Great place to live? What about medical care? Access to physicians? Health insurance? Hospitals? Cost of prescription drugs? What if you require a specialized diagnostic or treatment procedure? Is the technology up to western standards? I don't think so. Its a romantic thought, but loses its shine quickly when you have to live day by day in the real world. I'll stay in the USA Thanks, Steve46
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    The good hospitals are first class, and technology would be as up to date as anywhere. The waiting lines are non-existant.
    I live in Japan where hospitals are good too, but prefer treatment in thailand as the doctors are trained in USA , and speak excellent English.
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    Here is an example if you need kidney dialysis.
    Same level for heart care etc..
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  4. Of course they have all kinds of modern crap.
    BUT, they use dollars to buy everything imported from USA
    Euros to buy everything imported from Euroland.
    Yen for Japanese stuff, etc., etc.
    So, what's this bullshit that it's *much* cheaper living "over there"?

    Wake up!

    Are you going to live in some hut, walk/ride a bike, and only live off of *locally* produced stuff?

    Most likely not, which means when people say, the dollar is worth so much there or the Euro can buy me that much in that place, is all fantasy crap from people dreaming of some faraway place with *NO* idea what its like to live there!

    Just go visit the place for 2-3 mos and check it out for yourself.

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  5. I been there more than 10 times, each for 2 monthe stay.
    and got more addicted everytime with the place.
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  6. I heard your comments, but have you been here
    before and where you visited?

    Find a guy on ET who has been there and didn't
    like it. I believe "FIREWalker" hasn't been there
    but he were recommanded by other to visit there
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  7. For every place on Earth, there's going to be people who like it and others who don't. So the *only* way to know is to check it for yourself in person.

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  8. If you want to live in Farang ghetto like "shukumvit",
    expanses can be doubled. I'm sure one can find a
    decent place for 150$ to live in thai nighbourhood
    and another 50$ for utilities. Eating western food all
    the time can add up and make real differance say
    like extra Bhat10k-15k.

    Those who want to leave in thailand should try to
    fit into thai soceity like surviving on thai food, geting
    to learn thai, learn to how to mix with thais, and know
    how to cut down on expanses.

    Yes, i belive he can't go beyond 1.5 year with $25K budget.
    But if he is able to draw another $50-100 a day on average
    from market, then he can even party all the time.
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  9. yes, a great place to live - i've been here almost three years. i lived in manhattan before this and boulder colorado before that. i prefer it here.

    medical care - first rate. bumrungrad in bkk is the top hospital in all of southeast asia. there are excellent hospitals and dental clinics all over. i recently had a tooth bonded ($20) by a georgetown dental grad. prescription drugs are practically free. why? the us (customer/patient) pays all r&d costs. that's one reason drugs are cheaper in canada and mexico. blue cross insurance is available and inexpensive.

    at the end of the day however, it is the third world but i stand behind my statement that it is a great place to live. not for everyone...but still shining for me.
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  10. sorry, but it is cheaper. and i live here.

    five star dining for two - maybe $75.
    condo on the beach - $500/month.
    world class golf - $50/round (including caddie).
    2 hour taxi ride - $25.
    2 hour massage - $12 - 25.
    health care - very inexpensive.
    daily cleaning/laundry lady - $75/month.
    starbucks grande coffee - $2.

    you get the picture. but you are right in that you wouldn't want to live like a local.
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