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  1. has a bunch of places that even 3 or 4 years ago, had ethernet cable connections that were fast enough to have real time data on IB in addition to Esignal feeding 200 symbols on an excel spread. should be faster now and there are other places that should be just as good, i.e. I have traded at Fraser Place Lang Suan, Chin House on Sala Daeng, Pantip Suites even the serviced apartments at the SHangri La, Conrad and President group hotels. I reckon they are starting in the $1500 per month range for good sized 1 bedroom places, breakfast and internet included.

    Room internet rates would often be higher than if you walk in and shop around whilst here. I have been in an apartment here on and off for the past 12 years and haven't stayed in a serviced apt. for over 3 years but can only imagine they are getting faster and more reliable internet service.

    either way, happy hunting and enjoy the LOS
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    I don't see what is unsafe about it. when you connect to secure sites, your information is encrypted anyway via https. If you are anal, then get your own 3g sim card and tether from an android or iphone, or have a separate air card. You'll have one anyway because you want a backup connection.

    $1500/mo? I suppose that's not bad for a very nice 1 bedroom hotel. But if you are staying long term, you can get bare bones apartment for $50-150/mo or something more furnished for $100-400 with electric. internet might be extra. I'm more of a bare bones type of person. You can scale in whatever you want when you want.
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    - so it's safe to log into my broker (IB, thinkorswim, etc) to trade via hotel's free wi-fi, as long as the site is https?

    - any recommendations on these apartments in the US$100-400 per month range?

    thanks in advance.
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  4. as i am less often there than away lately, i am currently in the bare bones category, doing the past few years in an old 1 bedroom apartment in a good, surprisingly jungled and quiet Sathorn location 10 minute walk to Lumphini subway station for 9000 baht per month furnished. internet is an extra $30(could get for $20 but haven't tried the speed at lower rate) or so and electric is next to nothing, 3 or 400 baht (i run the air about an hour per day in the hot, now rainy season, never).

    as the guy seemed to be inquiring about potential serviced apartments or hotels, thus uncertain regarding if he was to let his roots dig into the concrete here, i figured to throw out info on such. $1500, centre points are nice enough but not the shangri-la or conrad or even fraser place and these days, am thinking these would start at $2000+ per month for a studio.
    for a list to check out,
    again, usually better to book when you can be here to haggle, maybe even have thai friend ask for prices.

    if he is sure to be here for even a few months, i would go with your recommendation and get your own place with your choice of internet (used to have TOT, which was too slow at times, have been happy enough with CAT and now True showing good enough download times at about 5 mb/s average during EST trading hours and fine for the potentially bogged down but here 1 or 2 a.m. rare FOMC announcements. can be slowish from 5-8 p.m. Bangkok at times but that could be just my perception.

    have a good one
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    Yes. Double-pricing can be in full effect for foreigners with some landlords. Best to rent in a known good location for expats for a few days or weeks in a reasonable guesthouse, then link up with expats. Use local assistance to help you in finding good deals; it will not take you long to find a Thai girlfriend ;)

    Where were you planning to stay? Bangkok, Phuket Chonburi (Pattaya), Hua Hin, Chumphon?
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  6. hey bro, just wondering how far out of farang Bangkok do you have to go to get a place for $50 or even $100 per month? even the projects in baun kai, behind lumphini boxing stadium, no air, are almost $200 now. are we talking way out Thonburi side, maybe near ramkhamhaeng or actually something close to a way out subway or bts station (either would be fine)? i reckon you pay for convenience or english language availability or maybe there are some in-town hidden nooks that you know of?
    thanks for any good info as every now and again, i have folks asking for multi month places on the cheap but not in Banglamphu or anywhere requiring buses to get around.
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    Wong Wien Yai has unadvertised 'box' rooms with private bath (no hot water, no air condition....maybe 20 ft x 12 ft) for 1500 baht/mo and higher depending mainly on size. Those massage ladies (and other locals) can scout out the various cheaper apartments. Sometimes it requires luck, as the ones closest to BTS/Bus/etc will be taken fairly quickly; a for rent sign outside is all that the owner needs. There is a 7-11 nearby and the Wong Wien Yai BTS station is about 10-40 minute walk, depending on how far and deep into the soi you stay.

    You really have to get on the ground and do a combination of asking around and riding around on motorbike. Keep your eyes/ears open for the deals. But for most foreigners, they will want something semi-furnished (bed, mini fridge) and accessible. With air, you are looking at $250 minimum in tourist area....more like $300.

    In phuket (patong beach / rawai), you can get thai style studio room (clean, bed, clothes locker, tv, mini fridge, maybe have air con) near plenty of beautiful ladies willing to help you acclimate. for 4000-6000 baht/mo. I rented a place for 5500 baht (and there were cheaper places) with air con and electric at 5bt/unit about 0.5 or 1 km from Juncelon mall in Patong . My total bill was usually under 7000 baht. Once you move away from Patong, you can find the 2000-3000 baht rooms.

    Some of the cheapest places will be unadvertised (on the internet) as usual. You rent a motorbike and drive around. Even better is to take full advantage of local assistance. keeps up with some of these things; keep your eyes peeled Like in Chumphon, there is a mini guide to get you started. My gf knows of places you can get rooms for 1000 baht/mo.... bare bones with private bath. but you need a thai to introduce you to those places or speak thai. You would probably install hot water unit, western toilet, and mesh around areas that are "open". But again, if you want pre-western stuff, plan on 3000-5000 baht/mo for the studio rooms. But I've also seen 2-3 bedroom older houses for the same price. Proximity to the town, main road, beach, and how much the owner thinks they can get from you makes a difference.

    For those not in the know as of these recent posts, $1 USD = 30 Thai Baht. $100 is appx 3000 baht.
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  8. Much thanks:) i recall talking to those delightful massage girls and them saying what they pay and where, just never thought to follow up on it. As it is, most of the folks i was referring to that want to stay for their few months cannot speak Thai and have no interest in learning beyond a "sawat dii" and "khawp khun" (can't blame 'em for just a long vacation though the rewards of learning the language and the appreciation of the thais for just a bit of effort is so well worth it, IMHO).

    for other places and for reference for whoever is interested, had checked out chiang mai several years back and you could get a nice condo out Huai Kaeo Rd near Chiang Mai University for 7000 baht per month furnished. not large but brand new.
    a buddy bought a condo in Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, about 35 square meters for just under 1 million baht a few years ago, not on the beach but an easy 150 meter walk. even a year ago, he said prices were not up.
    Where we are now in Bangkok,when i first moved here, i had a place about 200 square feet with air and mini kitchen for 4000 baht per month when the dollar gave 42, now they are 6000 baht so $200 but still, nice location in farang central. 1 bedroom, 600 square feet at 9000 baht and 2 bedroom, about 1200 square feet for 17000. MUCH better than in the projects.
    for higher end, 4 years ago, had a 40 sq.meter condo on the 22nd floor overlooking the four seasons and the construction of what is now the St.Regis for 15000 baht, quiet yet in unbelievably tourist friendly area.
    as you said, you just have to get out there and keep your eyes and ears open to find the killer deals (for those predominantly Thai areas like Wongwian Yai, the language or a beautiful girl to help you with it, is a necessity).
    anyway, i just get stoked to chat at people who appreciate it here. to me, the best place in the world. have a good one and make some money:D
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