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  1. I live in the US, but am considering moving there to trade. I figure $25K converts to 1 million baht and the cost of living estimates I've seen equates this to about $100,000 in the US. Enough to live on for a couple of years while you perfect your craft. Plus.. beaches.. asian women.. and trading the ES at night sounds perfect.

    Is anyone else thinking about this? Or doing this? Are there prop firms there or just loose groups of traders in Bangkok who would be interested in sharing office expenses/data feeds etc.?

    Wondering if this is really viable.
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  2. FireWalker you should do OK. You can get service on your Porsche in Bangkok. A lot of course depends on how you trade. Last time I was in Thailand I figured that if I could trade using the Internet it would be easy to trade from down there. So, it depends on what you need as a crutch.

    [​IMG] Don’t get the idea that its cheap to live in Thailand. It has to cost three times as much as Bali. Everything you want that has to be imported, probably has about a 150% tax added on.

    Here are a few quotes from memory!
  3. Where in Asia is it cheapest to live (and trade)? Don't mention Afghanistan...
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  6. Thailand is like my second home and i spent 35% in
    bangkok and 65% in Dubai, of my living. I intend to
    do just opposite the next year.

    I believe you can have decent life in BKK for Bhat40K
    ($1K) a month and $1.5k a monthe if you need to have
    party everyday also.

    I consider trading US market in BKK a total joke. I have
    done it and it's very painfull to trade at night, unless you
    are a big time geek.

    I usally receive many PM from ET members, and i realy
    recommand them choosing thailand, as your brain can
    stays fresh for trading always. I think you know what
    i mean.

    Whats your aim for seting up an office, why not trade
    from your apartment. Is it the trading enviroment and
    other traders knowledge is what you also seeking?
  7. If you are single without agrument, it's Thailand.
    If you are married, there are many alternative
    depand on your test
  8. Bali? How long before you get bored. Actually not much to do
    there and see there.

    Thailand can be very cheap if you know where to stay, eat
    and enjoy. Some naive guys spend 3 time what i spent

    Btw what are the most things that have to be imported?
  9. Is it very expensive to be married in Thailand?
  10. I met this guy last time. Nice and helpfull guy. He traded
    US market with bunch of other thai traders, but i was
    not impressed on what they were doing
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