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    Can anyone offer any recommendations for trading in Taipei. I'll be traveling there for about a month and will be trading while there. I already have a place to stay but the company will be a distraction and I would like to be able to work undisturbed. Would you recommend any hotel in particular or would you instead op out for a short term office space rental instead. If the latter, where would you recommend? As usual, I'd prefer to keep costs manageable without sacrificing the required. Any heads up advice would be wonderful.
  2. Is there any reason why you would not or cannot trade where you are staying? No Internet access?

    How about trading in a hotel room? Cost concern? (Because you already get a place to stay.)?

    Just some ideas:

    1) How about trading on a laptop at a Starbucks Coffee? Most of them have wi-fi setup these days. Locations in Taipei:

    I haven't been to Taipei. But last year I was in Hong Kong and I traded from a laptop at a local coffee outfit "Pacific Coffee". The experience was good. The only drawback is they open only until midnight local time (which is NY time 11:00 am). Only enough to trade the opening 1.5 hours. (Pacific Coffee doesn't have any location in Taiwan.)

    Maybe you can find some local coffee outfits in Taipei?

    Also... Taiwanese are very keen on Boba Tea. Perhaps also look under "boba tea shop" in addition to coffee houses.

    2) You may not think of that but... how about trading from your laptop at the airport terminal? Reason: many international airports have free wi-fi these days. Transportation is convenient. Facilities near by (rest rooms, food, etc.). And... 24 hours. Nobody would give a hoot what you are doing. All you need is to find a table and a chair somewhere.


    Hey Bolimomo,

    Thanks for responding. There's a couple of options I'm weighing now and Staying at a hotel is one of them. All things considered I would prefer to stay at and trade from a hotel cause the services I require are readily available and in my experience offers ease of use and security. However, I've received several responses commenting on renting out a small place and that that is a good alternative, and from my research can be cheaper. Unfortunately, I'm a bit a of a miser if I can find that same stuff for a better rate. No airport for me as I'm also considering just sleeping where I'll be working and no coffee shops for me in so far as working goes. I prefer a quiet place of work. Any suggestions as to a good hotel or a place to stay with stable high speed internets and I'm happy kid.


    Also, Thanks to the responses received so far and pm' s super helpful.