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  1. Most of us don't like being home alone every day, all day, and as Humans we are social creatures by design.

    If you want to be around other traders, you go to a prop. You must get a series 7 in some cases, and at the extreme, you must pass some kind of lame interview (SMB capital) to be considered, and come from a good College.

    All of this, just to enjoy our basic needs as people, and socialize with others of the same interest?...pfft

    What if there was a place....a "Man Cave" if you will, for traders to go, but not just for trading, but to relax and "Get away" from work? Something like a private club.

    A Place with a full bar, and Cafe serving simple foods. Not far from the bar, and eating area would be an assortment of La-z-boy leather recliners, sofas, and chairs w/ big screen TV. The lights in the cafe would be dim, to offer a relaxing atmosphere. A walk-in Humidor room would be close-by, stocked with all the top Cigar brands. Towords the back of the Cafe would be a couple of pool tables, and poker tables.

    Down the hall would be a door. Behind the door is the Trading floor where only traders can enter. The trading floor would comfortably host up to 100 traders. Each trading station would have the capacity to run 6 NEC 26'' MDview 262-2's powered by a custom-built rig, with T-1 Bandwidth, and Cable for backup. A subscription to would be free to all traders.


    After the trading day, Traders can go home, or relax in the Cafe/Bar/Lounge and smoke a stogie, with a glass of Crown or whatever their Liquor of choice may be while laid back in total comfort, or maybe just chill and watch some TV.


    Every trader would pay a 6000.00 dollar membership fee (500 a month). As members, they would also get discounts from food/drinks, Cigars, and other items purchased. (over the course of a year, this could be several hundred dollars the trader "gets" back in savings). Other regular customers pay full price.

    This business would NOT take money or give money to traders, for Trading purposes. The platform the trader's use would be the platform of whatever broker they are associated with. We wouldn't be charging a commission on trades, hence the membership fee. Training classes could also be held to bring in more $.

    Sounds like a place I'd like to go to. :)
  2. You completely omitted the hookers.
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    You don't really trade do you? It sounds like you have a fantasy in your head of what you think trading is like.
  4. he is not even 13 :)
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    You have just basically described a 20,000-40,000 sq ft floor which would run you a min of 800k/yr rent NYC prices (40/ft at the lower end). 100 traders at 6k/yr wouldn't even cover the rent. Crunch the numbers, the business model would not be that viable.
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    and bigfoot delivers the bill on a singing pony
  7. You wouldn't want to be around me when I'm trading. Profanity, fine mist of high velocity saliva and computer peripheral projectiles...

    ...and on a bad day you may be violated by one of those fine cigars.
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    You pretty much just describe pit trading.

    Ah, the nostalgia.
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    Just use ET's "Hookup" thread and arrange regular get togethers with traders at/nearby where ever you live. :D

    All of those you get together with can then join any club you want. Heck you may even get "group" rate discounts. :p


  10. have all the newbies breathing down your neck

    "what you are trading"
    "any good charts to look at"
    "is esginal worth the monthly fee"


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