Trading in size

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by notborrowable, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Its real problem for me. I just cant find enough trades what i can make in size 50K+ shares intraday (good trades).
    Would be interesting to hear how ppl are trading in size
  2. Try futures. I agree, in stocks you can see the best opportunities but a lot of times there isnt enough liquidity to really take advantage. In the ES though, different story :)

  3. no futs, i dont trade macro, i dont trade TA
  4. The most profitable traders I know are price action only traders (no indicators).

    Note: I do know profitable traders that do use indicators.

    However, if you don't use indicators but do use charts...

    Your using TA.

    Further, if your question deals with something that's a consistent or chronic problem your having...

    You may want to explore trading futures.

    Yet, if your problem is one of those things that happens once in awhile but it just bothers you...

    Just put it in your bag of one of those things that just happens and not much you can do about it unless your willing to change trading instruments.

    Last of all, concerning stock may want to send private messages to ask for suggestions to the stock traders that post in the following ET thread...

  5. Firstly I do not trade Size. But would like to know if 225 lots over 20 trading days:eek: it small for most brokers. I am holding my account above my deposit of $10,000 it not stands at 10,880 lol...

    Basically I like to know is, do I have much room for negotiations with getting my commission down trading this amount.