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  1. I currently live and work in Manhattan but am considering moving to the left coast, specifically SF. Since I've never been there, I was wondering if any knowledgable people could tell me about living/housing costs etc...Hopefully, it's less expensive than NYC. Also, do people enjoy trading out there? Of course, I plan on visiting before I make any committment, but some background info would be much appreciated.
    Thx for the help.
  2. SF is very expensive probably the closest thing to the City there is. Trading West Coast is great because you are out earlier, but that is only if you trade your account. It is less expensive in LA, Orange County, and San Diego, and the weather is nicer. I am in San Diego and love it!
  3. any idea of approximate rent for 1 bedroom/studio in SF proper?
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    Was running about 2000: can probably get something now for 1500. Rent is the least of the costs. The bay area is very expensive. Home costs are unacceptable: you pay a large premium and get nothing in return. Southern California is much more affordable and IMHO has a better climate and quality of life.

    You might also try other areas of the country where you can get much better deals: If you are trading your own money then you can be anywhere there is high speed network access.
    Actually, Chicago is a good alternative to New York, especially if you primarily trade futures.
  5. rents have come down in a big way, you can get a large 1 bdrm for 1000-1200 in great neighborhoods, the vacancy rate is still going higher so you have room to negotiate.
  6. I used to live and trade in SF.

    Rents have come down since the dot bomb, but it used to take 1500 to get something decent for one person to live in.

    Lots of trading. SF is the financial capitol of the west coast. That said, there is even more down south I would bet, due to the population. I worked at the SF office of Bright which has a great manager. Lots of other firms also. Many independents too.

    SF is a fantastic city, but it ain't warm! Go across the Bridge to Marin, down towards Silicon Valley, or a little east if you want a normal Cal summer.

    Damn fun place!

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    We also had California fever last winter. Thought about moving there from NYC. So we spent about three months last winter in San Francisco. The dot com bust, recession has pretty much killed the rental mkt in SF. Short Term furnished apartments which were going for $4000 a months in 2000 were now around $2200. Unfurnished 1 bedroom apts are probably around $1700. However if you're looking to buy, the prices are still fairly high.

    You know what they say going to a city as a tourist and living there is quit different.

    Its a great city, great food, Napa is only an hour away. The problem is its always damp and cold, even during the summer months. I agree with others you may be better off going to southern california, even Santa Barbara is great.
  8. Thx. for all the info and the link.


    having experienced both nyc and sf, do you maintain that sf is colder and damper than the city? really??? i though sf weather would be hands down nicer than nyc.
  9. I'd like to post a pic of what its like in nyc but that would be down right vulgar. :D
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