Trading in mainland China

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  1. Hamlet


    Anyone out there trading in mainland China, or any offices that you are aware of?
  2. nkhoi


    there is trading in mainland China?
  3. mokwit


    No direct experience but you will probably find that you are forced to use primitive unreliable order entry and can only get basic data. Even HK data feeds and front ends are primitive vs US offerings.

    Mainland listed shares are just state enterprises dumped on the exchange What would make it interesting though would be rampant manipulation which can be very profitable to play.

    Just looking at the performance of a scandal embroiled stock in a SE Asian market I trade - went from a low of 0.0068 to a high of 17.4 - a 257305% gain. I played it at one point but obviously sold out too early.
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    I am a US citizen now working and living in mainland China (Shandong province).

    I trade stocks, futures and currencies.

    Dont know what kind of trading you are talking about, but foreigners are not allowed to own most Chinese shares.

    Internet access is very good in China.
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    I am reluctant to take isue with someone who is actually on the ground when I am not, but think you must have an exceptional connection (US MNC/Govt office?).

    I heard from someone who was based in Shanghai that someone trading in his office was driven completely crazy by the internet connection but that was some time ago.

    I have heard that it is so bad that you can't use some programs that are US server based and that they divert/shape all traffic through a proxy's ports and packet snifff everything (read: Latency).

    Foreigners can only buy one class of shares (H Shares?). I gather the Shanghai Futures Exchange is currently closed to foreigners but that they may be planning to open it. If as your post suggests I am wrong in this please let me know how to access this market as I would love to be able to trade Shanghai Copper.
  6. ETG has an office in Shanghai Pu Dong district from what I heard. I also heard, don't laugh, that Walter Braun from Worldco opened an office somewhere in China.
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    A Chinese woman traded Chinese stocks in HongKong and mainland China for Billgate. She made 300% last year. I saw her on a Chinese TV chat. She is trading fundamental.
  8. Is this same walter who has thai wife, there was rumour
    last 2 years that he wanted to open a prop firm in Bangkok
  9. i was in china a couple of months back and traded nyse stocks. need a dedicated dsl connection though, i.e., not tied to any telephone.
  10. i thought he was in thailand
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