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  1. update on vol switch trade

    the signal had been short vol with caution, on Mon Jan 8, signal switched to long vol
    and we went to cash, selling 12 shares of XIV for $144.33 ea, total $1,731.96
    signal is still long vol as of Fri Feb 2

    account starting value, $502.90 jan, 2017
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  2. 1. Shut out the noise and get focused. Avoid "Story
    stocks" and trade using current objective market
    trends and patterns.
    2. Follow the leaders – traders who actually use
    their own strategies, and created their instruction
    based on real trading experience.
    3. Learn first, trade second. Complete the training for
    any strategy BEFORE you use it.
    4. Be more concerned about the probability of a
    trade being successful, than you are about the
    “upside and downside”.
    5. Don't buy into ridiculous hype. Trading success is
    about risk management, not shooting for the moon.
    6. Think about Strategy Allocation, not Asset Allocation.
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