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  1. Looking for some advice or just general suggestions from the members here. I will be in London from June 3rd thru 5th. The thought popped into my head about visiting the financial exchanges while there.
    Admittedly I know very little about them.

    I was wondering if there are any members here from London that would be interested in meeting up for coffee early morning on the Wed. of next week. Maybe even just showing me around on the floor, if that is even possible. Exchange of ideas, just friendly trading talk...whatever.

    Feel free to PM me.

    thanks in advance-

  2. just figured I post one more time as I'm here now.....:(
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    Who cares?
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    Admittedly, I do not know any members, but my understanding is that the exchange itself is electronic, hence no trading floor as it were. At least that is what I was told when I went to visit :)
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    I could have showed you the liffe floor a few years ago but it is now closed. The international petroleoum exchange is a bit too small for a visit. the london metal exchange is still open outcry and worth seeing. Try ringing them. The stock exchange has been screen based since 1987. I would be interested in meeting for a drink after seeing your handle!
  6. I don't think there is anything to visit. It's all electronic (SETS and SEAQ) . I walked by the exchange one day and didn't see anything interesting. If you wander around long enough at night in the city ( but a bit away from the exchange) you may have a glimpse of one of the numerous trading floors in the surrounding buildings.
  7. Hi Just-

    Sorry only had a chance to check e-mail again for the first time in 3days..! Lovere, Italy runs on about 300baud connections, so even getting e-mail is a pain in the ass..

    I'm back in London for one last night. So, if you get this message and want to get a drink this evening give me call.

    I'm staying at the Waldorf Hotel near Covent Garden rm#437

    Met with some people from Berkeley Futures Lmtd., in London, have a story to tell there.

    If I don't get a chance to met you. Thanks for the attempt.