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    Anybody trade remotely or from an office in Israel, ever?

    Looking for any information about it. Thx.
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    Nothing? Any Assent traders in Israel?
  3. why on earth would you want to trade from israel?
  4. Did you say safe? Turn on the CNN and you will see a bomb or missile going off every other day. I guess your safety standards are very low. :)
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    I have family there.

    Anybody have any idea how the internet connection is? Consistent, glitchy, fast/slow?
  6. Have you been there?
  7. I've been to Israel.

    It is fairly safe if you live in Tel Aviv or any area not bordering the Pals.

    The falafels are pretty good too.

    I would be very concerned with trading in Israel for latency issues. Especially if you are a scalper. Longer-term or not time-intensive trading would be fine though.
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    I guess you can't expect more form someone who refers to themself as a monkey.
    For those who asked seriously, I trade remotely and it is very difficult. I have lost thousands (dollars not shekels) on unstable internet connections, and wiring/receiving money is extremely expensive, and the banks leave something to be desired. The plus side, one of the most beautiful countries on earth (I have seen a large chunk of them) the hottest women anywhere (think streets full of Bar Rafaeli types), and amazing beaches. Re the political/military situation, the press exaggerates everything that goes on here; that's how they sell newspapers.
  9. Are the internet connections really that bad there? I've thought of trading in Israel many times, never have done it though. The US market hours in Israel would really be perfect if you're young.. trade up til' dinner then hit the tel aviv dock's after hours.
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    For everyday net surfing and downloads the connections are good and reliable, but for data flow they are problematic.
    It's not that the internet connections are "bad" per se, but you have to understand the Israeli infrastructure problems.
    People forget that 50 years ago (even 30) Israel was mostly deserts or farming collectives. Up until about 15 years ago, there was a six month wait (yes, six months) for a home phone line. The country has grown and advanced so quickly that the infrastructure has not been able to keep up (you should see the traffic jams, think I405 at rush hour in LA). If you want, you can order a pro grade ATM or point to point connection but it will cost at least $200/month and possible as much as $1000/month.
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