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    I trade full time in Hawaii and it has its advantages and disadvantages. The early day is an advantage and the early day is a disadvantages. I hope Elite Trader doesn't mind I brining up a website to bring Hawaii traders together. If anyone in Hawaii is interested in getting together

    Its a free club and we just want to see if there are others out there with the same interests.

    Also wanted to know if there are other clubs like this one in other states that we could have discussion with. Thanks for your time.
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    Glad to hear that you have initiated day trader's club in Hawaii. I had a feeling that it was lacking in this beautiful island. I will join the club.
  4. what are the equivalent NYC trading hours for the 9:30am-4:00pm EST market hours

    do you go surfing after a big win?
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    3:30-10:00 and 4:30-11:00 Oct-Apr. After market closes, its off to the beach(or golf for me) for the day:D
  6. isn't internet lag a huge problem??

    how much does one pay for cable or DSL in hawaii??

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    Can't speak for others but I have never had a problem. DSL is $30/mo. Lost my connection once in the last four years during a big storm.
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    What firm do you trade with in Hawaii and how bad is the internet latency from there (i.e. what's your ping time to your execution provider)?
  9. I've been in Hawaii for the last 3 weeks trading. On OAHU DSL was identical to service in California.

    Now on KAUAI, using DIAL-up. I don't scalp anymore, so dial-up is fine for me. (It's the web surfing that really suffers from no DSL.)

    (DSL is available in KAUAI I told, just not installed in the home I'm currently at.)
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