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    I am researching daytrading as a full time occupation and find very little mention of trading in rapidly rising emerging markets.

    Some foreign stock markets like Turkey, India and others are going through the roof.

    Can these be traded just like anything else?

    Is anyone out there already doing it successfully?
  2. You can easily acquire data on Japan or India and test your strategy on those markets. You probably need 500K + to trade real emerging markets ( Turkey, Poland, Korea, etc) to set up an account at a foreign broker and deal with the paperwork.
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    there is always something going nuts somewhere. But do you want to take the risk? I live in latin america...i have seen some bizzare twisted stuff and pure lack of liquidity more often than i care to remember.

    Any time you go overseas in Real estate, Business, Travel, or runs significant additional risk. THis is uncontrollable risk. It personally scares me. I stay with US stuff. Good regulation and liquidity.
  5. You actually believe these marketing tricks? Hucksters selling newsletters, and other advice to newbies, that's all, hence no showing of track records or statements!

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    That' s exacly my point.

    I missed the wave of the late 90's and I see the advent of a new one in Japan.

    My question is how to be in this wave?
    How can one trade it/ take full advantage of this opportunity?
  7. move to Japan asap, thats one market you can certainly day trade
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    What's the second best option?

    How to trade from the USA?

  9. for pete's sake

    if u want to trade japan via futures trade through singapore

    5 pt spread

    $5 a point (approx).

    excellent liquidity

    i;ve been doing it for months. love it

    if futures are beyond yer speed than use mutual funds or ADR's

    it's not rocket science

    historically speaking, the Nikkei is significantly underpriced relative to US equities. a contrarian (that;'s me) would emphasize the underpriced instruments to the overpriced instrument

    a really shrewd dood might even spread trade, but with all the intermarket links these days, that is not as good as it sounds

    japan is not an emerging market btw.

    it;'s an established market

    if you want EMERGING markets - that IS more difficult

    probably the best way for 95% of people is to use ETF's

    beyond that, it does get complicated

    if u want a little spice, there are options on many ETF;s

    EEM is a good emerging market ETF
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