Trading in Doha, Qatar...

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  1. I am considering a move from Chicago to Doha, Qatar to accept a pretty choice career opportunity. My #1 concern is my ability to trade while I'm over there. Would anyone have any first-hand experience day-trading (Equities; with Assent & IB) from Qatar, Kuwait or Abu Dhabi? I imagine the first concern is reliable connectivity. Any info on brokerages, trading clubs or arcades would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Ask Nana Trader. He's ET's in-house expert on Middle East affairs.
  3. Please don't say something out of the blue.
    Can you find some my expertise on middleeast?

    I NEITHER know much about middleEast, NOR much interested to know more.

    I just live in Dubai for my parents reason, I live in Thailand and surrounding islands mostly.

    I hate living in middleeast, being it from Turkey to Yemen, the whole region sucks for living at least for me
  4. Exactly what I thought you'd say. Nana, just joking. Peace !

  5. I have lived all over the world... including Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Singapore, London, Houston, Denver and Chicago. I'm not interested in talking "quality of life" issues or politics.... just business. I would welcome comments from anyone with experience in active trading (equities, futures, options) from Doha or other Persian Gulf spots. Doha, as you may know, is booming with a large influx of Iranian and other expats. Also has a booming Stock market, Real estate market and Oil&Gas business.

    My hope is to identify an active trading community in Doha if one exists. If one does not exist, I am interested in starting one. I have actively traded for 6 years and have experience with both Prop and Retail Remote trading operations. If Doha does not have a day-trading office I would like to start one.

    Hope to hear from some of you.
  6. Many thanks to those of you who PM'd me with your thoughts, comments and ideas. I have not heard from anyone currently living in Doha but I'm hoping to make a trip over in Mid-February to check out the situation. The City and Country appear to be booming so I expect to discover many opportunities.