Trading in DEC.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by investor50, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. I trade break out. I guess that es will be inactive and have more false breakouts in DEC. because of holiday. So we should reduce our trading size. Is it right?
  2. I would say your trading size should be based on volatility, rather than trying to predict false breakouts. No one knows the future well enough to know their occurrence reliably in the future.

    Also, what does your recent history tell you? If in a drawdown, it is wise to reduce your size. Otherwise...
  3. Thank you for your message.
    I make money every week. And I plan to increase my trading size. But I worry about holidays which may make market different.
  4. What vacation plans do you have? :D
  5. I do not have vacation plans yet because my trading strategy just passed backtest a few week ago. I only trade 1 contract now. I plan to risk 1% of my trading capital in DEC.
  6. So, let me make money every week, yet you're asking strangers in a forum what size you should trade? Amazing!

    Hey, I make money every hour! Shit, my bank even puts an ATM at my house so I don't have to drive there.

  7. OP makes money every week yet he stated that his strategy just passed the backtest a couple of weeks ago...
  8. well, technically... :p