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    My parents told me that they don't want me trading my first year of college (next year). I can't imagine going that long and not trading. Any ideas on what to say to convince them to let me trade? Thanks in advance.
  2. well it depends, how many classes are you taking the first semester. If your taking 5-6 classes, I would say maybe you should stick with swing trading, or get wireless trading apparatus so you wont skip classes. If your paying 600 a class not including books, and its only availble once a year, I dont think its worth daytrading, stick with swing trading. But if you can rought it out, and can maintain good grades then do it. But remember also if you have bad days, and those days do happen, it will be a major detrement from you to make it to classes. Trust me, you will be like god, forget Econ, I just lost 2K.
    but good luck

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    Well, if you're a successful trader, say you'll pay your tuition with your trading profits. A kid paying his own tuition gets ANY parent's attention!
  4. Why do I have the feeling there's more to the story here :cool:

    Anyways, if your parents are footing the bill (paying your tuition)...they can tell you a lot of things they don't want you to do.

    The question (more to the story)...why did your parents tell you that ???

    Does your dad have trading experience, or did you trade while in high school and it disrupted your academics ???

    Logical solution and highly only during the summers because the market will always be there waiting for you.

    However, if your parents are paying your tuition and almost everything else...

    And you insist on trading...

    Your going to need to show your parents proof your not going to let it disrupt your academics and show them proof (backtesting results, realtime simulator results or real money results) that you can succeed at this.

    Another thing (more to the story)...where did you get the money to trade ???

    If its from your parents with specific rules on what you do with it...they are more the boss :cool:

    Once again...if your history with your parents indicate you can't manage academics and closed.

    Other than that...enjoy college and have fun trading in the summer.

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    Paper trade with a simulator.
  6. Whatever happened to parents telling their kids I don't want you drinking to much, taking to many drugs, and screwing wild women while you are at college.
  7. Kids are too smart these days.
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    Aren't you the one who's Dad trades in the pit at CBOT ?
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    Here I am... and BTW, screwing wild women is OK if he has a good condom. ;)
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    My parents tell me they don't want me building nuclear fusion reactors during college. T_T
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