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    I'll be moving to Chicago on September 1st and the only job I want is on the floor of one of the exchanges there. I have been studying the stock market since I was sixteen and have had the passion for trading ever since. I have had a few years experience with a hedge fund and a brokerage firm, but after college went the finance route. It was a huge mistake and now I want to trade again. So, I am moving to Chicago to make that happen. I realize that I will have to start at the bottom and work my way to a trader position. My question here for the members of this board is if anyone can help me out with information on who might be hiring on the CBOT (prefer) or the Merc. I have a deep passion for trading/investing and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. if nothing happens elsewhere.... get a job at one of the bars near the exchanges - 400 s lasalle - (used to be Jesse Livermore's but that has changed)..... tell all the traders that you want to be a clerk. one of them will give you a chance.

    the thing is tho....the floor business is dying. you might be best off to get a job a prop firm that has offices in the Chicago financial district...lots of floor guys have gone this route and you will have a better chance trading with them if you do that.
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    the previous post hits the nail on the head...

    if you want to trade and have the passion for it, then find a successful off floor trader and sit beside them... the key here is "off the floor".

    I have never traded on the floor, but I was in your same shoes 6 years ago and I was lucky enough to find a mentor at a prop firm.

    It might be easier to get an "in" at the prop firms.

    Good luck.
  4. for tech types not trader types

    but they must know the names of various screen based trading firms in chicago for you to contact
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    Thanks for the advice. I've thought about the prop firms, but don't have the 25k you usually need to get on with one of them. I've also heard a lot of horror stories. I know that a few good firms are ETG, Bright, etc. Which one do most of the ex-floor traders go with in Chicago? Once again, thanks for the advice. Also wondering how long it usually takes to begin making money at the prop firms?
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    There are several successful prop shops with various deals in Chicago. Not all require upfront $$$ GH, KingStreet, Mac/Refco Trading Services to name a few...
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