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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by 50cent, Dec 20, 2009.

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    anyone here trade from california. I curently trade a t any prop firm been doing so for 4 years now. Thinking of moving to la and trading remote. Ive gotten mixed responses over execution speed. Some people told me there be no lag as long as i get a business class connection or better Others told me since you dont have a direct connection to the exchange you are still routing your orders to the remote server and they are then routing your orders to the exchange Since i am a scalper and every milisecond counts this is my biggest concern any one with any input. Thank.
  2. there Cy group on Wilshire in LA and several Bright trading offices in LA/Orange counties, but there waiting lists i think.. Also there 2 man trading office of HOLD brothers in Huntington Beach, I think its an "affiliate" office
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    i scalp german futures from my apartment in santa monica over a regular time warner internet connection and its fine. at this point in the game if you arent running algos from a box co-located at the exchange speed is basically irrelevant. trading skill is what matters now-being disciplined and picking your spots.
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    It's not easy getting around a distance problem. Being at least 25 msec away makes it a tough scalping environment. But there are shortcuts. For example have a algo server based in NY, where you tweak parameters. Several guys in California trade this way.

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    There is Jc Trading at San Diego..
    Very fair and nice seniors group of traders..