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    Hello All,
    Myself and a good friend want to go to Brazil to live for 6-12 months. We both have trading accounts with an online broker here in the USA, which we will be trading remotely to earn our living. We currently make profits of about $3kusd- per person each month. We use tradestation for charting.
    Our questions are ... where in Brazil is a really nice/safe place to live and trade during the day ? Rio, Salvador etc?
    We would like to stay near the beaches( for the babes of course). What are the Internet connections options (is DSL available and the prices? ) Apartments (2 bedrooms) rental prices? Used car prices?
    In general what is the cost of living there and what kind of expenses to expect. Can we survive comfortably on $3k-$4k usd per month? I speak spanish/english and my friend only speaks english. We both intend to learn/study portuguese when we get there.
    Please give us suggestions and opinions on this adventure.

  2. I have the same one. Unfortunately I cannot answer any of your questions.
  3. I were also planing to pay a visit to Brazil. $3k-$4k per
    person sould be more than enough, otherwise i can say
    this place is expensive, and there is a lot other better
    places to visit.

    Some questions:
    1-Is it nessecerry to hire/buy car, and if it's economic compare
    to using taxi always? Is toursim attraction is spreaded all
    over differnet places?

    2-since you are planing for long term stay, you sould be
    getting accomadation at a real bargin price? what the
    price for 3-4**** stars hotel in or near downtown on
    monthly bases?

    3-will you be cooking yourself or eating outside all the
    time? what's the price for drinks and food like?

    4-what is the best time to visit Brazil? Also when is the

    5-Is brazil safe enough to be walking late evening near
    the entertainment district?

    6-Is it nesseccry to speak Porchogees or Spanish langugge
    to pick up sexy chiks?

    Thanks for any advice and apologize for adding more questions
  4. Sounds like you haven't been there. At least not lately. If you're not familiar with *ANY* place, never make the mistake of moving there and finding out after all expenses of moving/resetting your life. If you at least knew the language, I might say check it out, you *might* like it. Also, never take anybody's word on what its like to live in some city/country. Go there in person and check it out! But, everything considered, what I see is Brazilians going *away* from their country to escape crime and economic problems.

    Does Brazil have potential? Yes! It will probably be a great country one day. Maybe another 10 years?

    Salvador, you ask? One guy I spoke with 6 mos ago from Salvador went to work in Europe (the ones who can, take off) and told me that crime is so rampant, that he never left his car parked on the street otherwise it would be picked clean for parts. It is NOT 'good ol' USA'.

    Also, many people make the mistake of falling for a place while on vacation. It is NOT the same as when you're there year 'round.

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  5. Why not Belize?
  6. Which Potential? I am not intersted in any potential.
    The guy simply wants to go somewhere he can party
    all day. The weaker economy the better for him.

    I am a frequent visitor to Thailand and with $3K i can
    party like a king everyday, which you aren't able to do
    with 10K in united state.
  7. I was NOT replying to you.
    He is considering moving there, not just get drunk there.

  8. I agree on this. because it much differnet between being
    a toursit and living there, considering jobe oppurtunities
    and safty of the place.
    Again there are lot of safe distination on face of this earth,
    but Job oppurtunity and taxes are issues if you can't make
    it as a successfull daytrader
  9. And what about Cuba?
    Very cheap. No crime. Hot babes. Fine cigars. Fine Rum. Good doctors. Stability. And very few people from U.S.
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    Cuba is very underrated, and your money will go so far it's rediculous. The Cubans are proud, crime is nothing by american standards - and they hate the US >government<, not the people. Oh, and the place is a freakin paradise!!

    I'm sure about internet access however.. it wasn't on my mind when I was there.
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